10 places to visit before you die

That's my main life goal- travelling. I want to travel as often as I can to see as much of the world as I can. Who doesn't?

1. Sydney, Australia is at the top of my list. I have always had this fascination with Australia, it looks and seems so beautiful. I actually want to spend six months to a year living out there at some point of my life. It's something me and my friend have spoken about for years. It is our dream.
(Bondi Beach)

2. Santorini, Greece.

3. Bali. This is a new addition to my list. It looks beautiful there. Chloe Szepanowski and Cartia Mallan have recently been here and their snapchats and videos have made me even more eager to go there. It seems like such a picturesque island and its so different from this part of the world and I think it would be a once-in-a-lifetime trip.

4. Italy. Now I'm not too fussy where to visit in Italy. But I think Venice, Milan and Sorrento are at the top of my list.

Mount Vesuvius

5. Amsterdam. My mother and I have always wanted to go to Amsterdam. My sister is lucky enough to be going on a trip there in February with uni and I am so jealous! I really want to see the cute little cafe's and the boats and rivers and of course the Anne Frank museum.

6. London.

I can't believe I live only a few hours drive away from the city and I have never been. This is another place I want to live in at some point, I just love the whole city-life and it's so different to country life. But, I am going to London in April! YAY! I am actually going to see a 5 Seconds Of Summer concert with my best friend and her sister.  I am so excited to finally go there! I can't wait to spend the weekend exploring the city with them both. And my friends sister lives in London so I will have my own personal tour guide. ;)

7. Switzerland.

8. Honestly, Florida is on my list mostly because of Disney World (I am a big kid, OK?). I want to experience the Castle at night time. My Mum and Dad went a few years before I was born and my Mum always talks about how amazing it was. And seeing peoples vlogs and pictures from there just makes me want to go there even more. And the weather is a huge plus! 

9. Canada. This is a holiday me and my family have been looking at for a long time now. We all want to go together and visit Niagara Falls as its so close to the border and to Lake Louise.

10. New York City. This is the city to go to. I dream of visiting NYC and going shopping in Times Square and going to see a musical. *sigh*

Where is your top place to visit? Please comment or tweet me where you are dying to travel to.

Love, Becca xoxo

(All photos are from google)


  1. Its unreal how bad I want to visit Santorini, its just a beautiful place ♥


  2. I used to live in New York City (actually, I was just there this weekend!). If you ever get around to making it, shoot me a line and I'll send you some great places to check out!!

  3. santorini and australia are on my bucket list :) I live in nYC and its gorgeous here :)