A little bit of positivity.

Back in early November, I read and eye-opening and life changing article online by Andrea Schulman. I found it through someone I follow on Twitter and I am so happy to have seen this. This article is on www.awakeningpeople.com . I'm going to 100% honest here and advise everyone to read this article asap.

"Why do bad things happen to good people?" I think we have all asked this question at some point in our lives. Whether it was about yourself or someone you know. I have thought this many times when gyou hear of good people loosing their job or getting ill all the time. Basically, this article by Andrea explains how the "bad people" get all the luck whilst us "good people" never seem to get anywhere. But she explains how the "bad people" are cocky, arrogant irresponsible and expect to have amazing thing and have amazing experiences and opportunities and they actualy succeed. "Talk up your strengths, and speak about our desires as if you expect them to manifest in your life." I have never thought this way but it really does make sense. It is like psyching yourself up for a race. If you keep telling yourself "I'm never going to finish this. I'm not going to succeed at this," you are pretty much asking to fail. "Failing to prepair is prepairing to fail." It is all down to believing in yourself and being positive about your future, two things I am not so good at doing. You could ask any one of my close family members and they will all say about how negative I would be about things like exam results. When I was in school I would always think that I was going to fail my exams and I remember my auntie saying to me "you are not going to fail but if you speak like that you are on the way to failing." But now, I do try to be more positive and 19 year old me is far more positive than 15 year old Rebecca. I do think to myself actually I do deserve to have nice things because I am a good person, etc. I wish I could've read this article 4 years ago.
I still believe in karma. If you are a bad person, bad things will eventually happen to you and if you are a good hard-working person you will be rewarded for you actions. Like Andrea writes, " For many of us, being kind to others and helping our fellow man helps us feel good and lifts our spirits."

So, from this article I have learnt that YOU can get whatever you aim for. You have to have that positive attitude and you have to say to yourself  "I deserve to get this in life", "I should do this", etc. Remember, there is a significant difference between being positive and working hard for nice things and being cocky, mean and expecting to get everything. But like I said earlier I really recommend you read the article because I do not do it justice.

Here are some positive quotes I found on Pinterest. Love, Becca xoxo

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