Anna Saccone Necklace

Happy Christmas Eve everyone!

Finally, my Stillness by Anna Saccone necklace arrived in the post yesterday! YAY! I feel as if I ordered it months and months ago, but thats because I have to been excited to get it. My birthday is on March the 23rd so I bought an Aries necklace in the shortest length. I bought it in the silver so that it would match my other jewellery but the rose gold one is super-duper gorgeous! And because I ordered it on Black Friday, it came with a hand written note from Anna which is so so cute and it's made my whole week. I have watched Annas beauty channel and Jonathan arouns 4 years now (and her blog is my favourite) and I have always loved Anna's Scorpio necklace so when she announced her necklace line I knew I just had to buy one.

I feel like this necklace is going to be one that I will wear for many years to come. I know I am going to get so much wear out of this necklace. The quality is amazing. It is made of high quality 925 sterling silver and costs £54.00 for the one I got. I really recommend investing in this necklace. It is totally worth it in my eyes.
Love, Becca xoxo


  1. really cute, looks like a good investment piece :)

    danielle | avec danielle

    1. Its so nice, I have worn it every day since I got it :) x