The Perfect Sunday- A Guide

Sundays are my favourite day of the week. Its the perfect time to relax & plan out the following week as I generally have no plans that day. Since I was little we would always take Sundays to chill out or go out for Sunday lunch, but on those stay-at-home days there are a few things I love to do.

Morning -
Brunch in bed
Generally you will have more time to cook on a chilled Sunday. I love to take the time to cook a nicer breakfast/brunch than I normally would.

click here for my recipe on healthy & flourless breakfast pancakes or if you're more of a toast person check out this Toast Post by Poppy Deyes. (the avocado & chill one sounds and looks heavenly).
Catch up on tv shows 
Sunday mornings are perfect for watching Netflix or catching up on some youtube videos. I generally like to catch up with the Saccone-Jolys, I love that family. It's nice to sit in bed with a cup of tea & just chill out.
Face mask
 I love the Soap & Glory heating face mask. It feels so pampering & luxurious and if makes my skin feel super soft. 

My perfect sunday is spent in my pj's. 

I love the Rosie for Autograph Nightwear for something nicer & sexier. Rosie's entire range with M&S is goregous too! Im dying to get my hands on her makeup range. 

Topshop Nightwear is my favourite comfy pj's. I love their nightshirts & graphic sets. I have a really cute Toy Story oversized t-shirt I like to wear. Its so comfy! 

I do this every Sunday evening. I feel so put together when I have a fresh coat of nail polish on my hands and feet & its one less thing to do before the week starts. Plus its relaxing. I love Barry M Gelly nail polish & poundland also have a great range of quick drying nail varnish, surprising I know!

Sunday Roast
Ok, so obviously I have to include this. The perfect sunday definitely includes a good sunday dinner. Whether you love chicken or beef (I'm a chicken fan), a sunday roast is the best.

Plan for the upcoming week.
Whether thats planning blog post, outfits or meals its great to do this on a Sunday knowing you will be starting a new week organised. 

Tidy up 
I pretty much do this every night before bed, I'm a clean freak & everything has to be in its place. But on a sunday, I like to hoover & clean everything. Its just nice to wake up on a monday to a clean room and house.
That is how I have a perfect Sunday. What are your favourite things to do on a Sunday? Is it relaxing or hectic?
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