Must Have Makeup For Fair Skin

Foundation & Concealer
Colourstay foundation in 110 ivory- If you're looking for a foundation that will last all day on your skin, this is the one! It matched my paleness perfectly. LOL! It blends in with my skin so so well, its like my skin but better!
Loreal infallible 24-hour matte in 10 porcelain- Im sure you've all heard about this foundation, but I am not the biggest fan of the formula but the colour selection is great! I use this foundation if I want to add a little bit more colour to my skin. Its slightly darker than the Revlon foundation which can sometimes make me look ghostly.

Mac Well Dressed- This is probably the oldest favourite of mine. I first bought this blush back in 2010 after Elle Fowler would rave about it. It adds the perfect amount of light pink to your cheeks without looking like you've been smacked in the face by Peggy Mitchell.
Makeup Geek Spellbound- If you like more of a coral-pink blush, this is the one for you. I only got this blush just over 2 weeks ago and I have worn it everyday since I got my hands on it. It is so pretty and you dont need a lot of it & its the only blusher that lasts all day on my skin. Yay!!

Barry M Chisel Cheeks Contour Kit- I tend to lean towards the middle shade from this kit. I find the highlighter isnt that pigmented and the right shade can look far too dirty on my skin. But the smallest amount of the centre shades works as a great contour shade. Just remember, a little goes a long way!
Bourjois Bronzing Powder- This bronzer is fantastic!! Im pretty sure everyone loves this bronzer and I can wear it when I am pale or tanned. It doesn't look muddy if you use a little bit and it brings the prettiest warmth to your face. 

Loreal Paris Colour Riche lipstick in Blake's pure red - This is the perfect red lipstick. I think it suits all skin tones, especially us fair ladies. I love the contrast of fair skin and this bright red lip. Its the ultimate glamorous look.
Topshop lipstick in innocent- Sometimes finding a good pale pink lipstick can be hard. You don't want to look to washed out and this is the nicest lipstick for this. It is definitely my most worn pink lipstick for everyday wear. 

What are some of your favourite makeup items for pale skin? 

Love, Becca x

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  1. You're totally right, the Bourgois bronzer is amazing! The smell is a total bonus too.

    Love this post!

    Bethany | Curly and Wordy

  2. I used to wear Revlon Colorstay ALL the time for years, it's such a great foundation and still is one of my all time favorites! I hear so much about MAC's Well Dressed, I need to pick it up eventually. Great post!

    1. thanks. Its such a great foundation, I have yet to find one I like more. xx

  3. I definitely want to check out that Topshop lipstick, it sounds really good. I remember I first bought Mac's Well Dressed blush after Elle talked about it as well!

    1. They are really nice lipsticks. I want to try out some different shades. Its a lovely blush xx

  4. I don't have fair skin, but MUG Spellbound and Topshop Innocent look beautiful!
    Nida | Caked To The Nines

    1. They are lovely on every skintone not just pale :) xx

  5. I love your recommendations! I haven't tried any makeup from Makeup Geek, but I hope I could get my hands on some of their products soon! Also, Bourjois' Chocolate Bronzer is my top bronzer of choice! It looks so natural on the skin and I love the smell of it too :)

    Elle |

    1. MUG has such amazing makeup, well from what I've tried. Omg the bourjois bronzer smells devine! X