A few of my favourite things- April Edition

Good golly (I sound like a grandma, lol!) this year is flying by! I cant believe we are in May already! I obviously love favourite posts, I do one every month. Its a great way to find new things & a great way to blabber on about your favourite items. 

Makeup Geek duo-chome eyeshadow in mai tai.
This is the prettiest eyeshadow for spring. I love wearing it all over my lid or in tne crease to add a bit of a pop to my usual bronze eyeshadow. I wont be able to do this eyeshadow any justice by attempting to describe it, so heres what MUG have to say about it: "Wish you were lounging poolside sippin’ on mai tais? Well, what are you waiting for? Order a Mai Tai (umbrella stir stick not included)! Aside from being buttery and pigmented, this dazzling duochrome will transport you to a tropical paradise. Cheers to that! Mai Tai has an apricot base with orchid reflects."

Loreal Super Liner. 
This is my third tube of this, its hands down the best eyeliner I have ever tried out. The felt tip end makes it really easy to do a sharp straight line, its longlasting & best of all its actually black! I can wear this all day and it will stay put, especially if my eyes are primed. If you're new to doing winged eyeliner, this is a great liner to start off with. Its super to use. I love it! 

Hue lipstick
Im the biggest fan of pink & nude lipsticks. They are my go-to shades. I love this MAC lipstick, actually I just love MAC lipsticks in general. But recently I have been reaching for this one over all of my other lippys. 

Lightening shade adjusting drops
I have so many foundations that are too dark for my pale skin so instead of wasting them all Istarted looking around for lightening drops. I never knew the body shop did any until I was binge reading blog post one day and I saw someone raving about them. Having these drops in your collection is really handy especially if you are someone who regularly fake tans so you can adjust any foundation to match you all the time.

Estee Lauder double wear in the shade 1N2 ecru.
I wasnt too sure about including this in my April favourites because I only tried it out in the last week of the month but I love it so much I cant not talk about it! I always raved about my revlon colourstay foundation that is apparently a dupe for this foundation (I dont think so) so I never ended up trying out double wear. But I was sick of not getting the high coverage I wanted from a foundation and sick of looking like a grease ball by the end of the day so I gave in an bought a bottle and it was worth every penny! This foundation lasts all day and it covers everything! If you're not sure about buying this foundation or not, you have to! You'll love it if you're after a high coverage long-lasting foundation. 

Mac soft & gentle
Obsessed is an understatement. I love this highlighter so much! I didnt expect to love it as much as I do because it looks quite warm golden shade in the pan but once applied it gives off more of a golden glow. I just need to buy a fan brush now to apply it because I do tend to be a but heavy-handed with it. But thers no such thing as too much highligher right?! 

New Look sunglasses
I am fussy when it comes to sunnies. I find it hard to find a pair that arent too big or too small. What I love most about these is that they are dark enough to wear on sunny days. Theres nothing worse than sunglasses that look good but dont keep the sun out and I adore the slight cat eye shape it has. They are the only pair like it I have found that suits my round face. And these weren't even £5! Bargain! 

Nina Ricci Nina L'Eau perfume. 
This was a christmas gift and I had never tried anything from Nina Ricci before but my aunty loves their frangrances! And I now know why. Also, the description is super cute. "The fairy tale goes on with a new chapter for our modern princess: Nina L`Eau immerses us in a whirlpool of white with a tasty touch. This new interpretation keeps the original and addictive signature of the Nina fragrance; yet is fresher, more cheerful and dazzling."

What are you favourites for April? 

Love, Becca x

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  1. That makeup geek eyeshadow looks super gorgeous, think I'm going to have to pick it up. Lovely favourites xx
    Miss Sunshine & Sparkle

  2. Hue is one of my favorite MAC lipsticks! I really want to try Soft and Gentle as well, it looks sooo pretty


    1. Its the only lipstick Ive been wearing this past week.