The Little Things

In an age where we become obsessed with the latest gadget we can easily forget about the little things in life. And more often than not, the little things in life mean the most & stay with us the longest. Dont get me wrong, I love technology & the finer things in life just as much as the next person. But if you take all of that away, what do we have left? Its so very important to cherish the small things in life.

Open-minded people. I love being able to have deep & meaningful convos with people but its hard to find people who are open-minded so when I do find someone like that it makes me extremely happy. 

A good book. I am a book worm, always have been and always will be. My most recent favourite novel is Eleanor & Park. This teenage love story make me go "aw" out loud so many times, its adorable. I found myself getting completely lost in this book & nothing makes me happier. I finished the book in the matter or a few hours! It really tugs on your heartstrings. 

Coffee & a slice of cake. Preferable carrot cake..yum! Need I say any more?! 

Sunny Days. Im sure you'll all agree with this but sunny days are the best days. If I wake up to the sun I am instantly in a better & happier mood. It doesnt matter whats happening that day, the sunshine will make it that little bit nicer. 

Cleaning...yes, you heard me right. I love cleaning & cleaning makes me happy. I know this is weird for most people but its therapeutic for me and once Im done I am super happy. Especially if Ive done it for someone else, it just ticks another thing off of their list.  

             (Photo from @lolypopp3 on IG) 

Fresh flowers. Especially if they are tulips or lillies. 

Spending time with family. After experiencing loss and illness over the last couple of years it makes you appreciate you're loved ones even more. So nothing makes me happier than spending time relaxing and hanging out with my family. Some of my favourite memories have happened up in my grandparents house with my aunties & little cousins. If I am having a down day, I am definitely going to feel a whole lot better after just being in my familys presence. I know it sounds soppy, but they mean the world to me. 

What are the little things in life that make you happier person? I would love to know what they are. 

Love, Rebecca x

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  1. Open-minded people and good books go hand in hand! Loved this post lovely :)

    Georgia | The Weekend Attic - Personal Style, Beauty and Lifestyle

  2. I love good music, a good book, a good movie, having my house clean and ice cream and cheesecake...and pasta :)

    Nereyda│ This Girl Is Obsessed

    1. Those are the greatest things. I cant believe I forgot to mention cheesecake! Haha!

  3. I absolutely love a good book, myself. I love that feeling of finding an amazing story and not wanting to finish because its that good!

  4. Such a lovely post! Really enjoyed reading this. I can agree with you about a good book and some cake, my two favourite things x

  5. A good book and a cup of coffee are definitely some of my favourite little things too! Such a lovely chatty style post! X

  6. Thank you so much! Nothing is nicer than a good book and a cup of coffee x