My Summer Bucket List

Good evening lovely people! This is the first blog post I have written with my new macbook! Its a lot easier than writing posts with my iPhone thats for sure! LOL

I was only speaking with my sister the other day about the things I want to do this summer and thats soon became a very long list. No surprise there! I managed to cut down my list to a couple of things I really, really want to do this summer.

Build a fort
I just want to feel like a kid again, okay?! And forts can look really pretty with fairy lights and pretty cushions and now Im getting really excited about it!! EEK!!

Beach Day
This is a must have for summer. I love being down the beach. I actually prefer visiting the beach at winter time but thats another story. And I am very lucky because I live near the coast and we have some beautiful beaches around here but I don't visit them enough which is silly really because they are literally right on my doorstep. Now all we need is good weather!

Wake up early enough to see the sunset
I haven't done this for years! Theres something so special about watching the sunrise but I am never awake early enough to see it. I love sunsets too, but I am always awake to see those.

Homemade lemonade
Pinterest is full of recipes for lemonade and every time I see one I want to make it straight away but I never end up doing it. So I am going to challenge myself to make a jug this summer.

Make a watermelon cake
Now, I think this idea is genius and really fun for the summer. You have to check out Poppys post on this. I had never actually seen or thought of doing this before, not until I saw Poppy's blog post from a couple of weeks ago. Actually, this would be a great thing to take to a "posh picnic".

Have a "posh picnic" 
This is the thing I am the most excited for this summer. As a little girl, we always use to go out and have picnics but I haven't had one in years now! And whats better than a picnic? A "posh picnic" obviously. 

Have a Harry Potter movie marathon. 
This is for those rainy days, which is basically everyday here. Ive not watched the entire HP series & I really want to. So I plan on having a cozy weekend in with popcorn watching them all! 

What's on your bucket list for this summer?

Love, Becca


  1. I want to do all these things too!! They are all things that make me really happy!! x

    Victoria |

  2. you have such cute goals! Best yet is trying to make home made lemonade.

    1. aw thanks. I can't wait to try the lemonade!!

  3. I've been watching some of Zoella's vlogs and she's been building forts and little dens inside her living room and it's made me want to do the same haha
    Kathy x

    1. She's the one who has really inspired me to make a really pretty fort. Haha! x

  4. Having a Harry Potter movie marathon is at the top of my list too haha. And the watermelon cake sounds like the coolest thing ever. I really hope you manage to get everything that you wanted done this summer :)