30 Thoughts I Have When I Apply My Makeup

This post is a bit of a laugh with some #bantz thrown in. But in all honesty, I actually love doing my makeup but I do find myself having these thoughts almost every time I put on some makeup.
Ive seen these "30 thoughts I have when.." posts floating around and I just thought it would be fun to write up my own one.

1. "Urg, cant I just wake up with makeup on."
2. "Do I really want to put some on today?"
3. "Yes you do. If you dont you'll scare little children!"
4. "What foundation brush do I fancy using today?"
5. "Damn it, I need to wash my face brushes."
6. "Ohh girl, that highlight is looking fierce."
7. "Do I bother with eyeshadow today or do I go for the natural look?"
8. "What eyeshadow palette do I use today?"
9. "Why do I have so many?!"
10. "Why have I still not washed my eye brushes?"
11. "I hate cleaning my makeup brushes."
12. "Dont mess up your mascara today. Do not mess it up Rebecca. Oh sh*t! Its all over my eyelid."
13. "Are my eyebrows too bold for an everyday look?"
14. "I need to pluck my eyebrows."
15. "How do I always lose my tweezers."
16. "Where the F are they- oh wait I found them."
17. "Do I attempt to apply winged eyeliner today?"
18. "Im gonna go for it."
19. "They looks sorta similar..right?"
20. "Is my left eye smaller than my right one?"
21. "Im going to wear a bold lip today..NAH who am I kidding. Wheres my MAC Modesty lipstick?!"
22. "How much highlight is too much highlighter?"
23. "You can never wear too much Becca."
24. "OOPS! The answer is yes you can wear too much highlighter."
25. "Blend, blend, blend."
26. "I wouldnt be able to live without bronzer."
27. "Ive gone from a ghost to a bronzed goddess."
28. "I need to fake tan."
29. "Damn it. Did I just spend 30 minutes doing my makeup?"
30. "I hope I see someone today to show off my makeup. MAKEUP ON FLEEK!"

What are some thoughts you have when you apply your makeup? Do you have some of these weird thoughts and pep talks too? Just me...ohh.

Love, Becca


  1. This post was so funny and spot on!

    xo, Liz

    1. Thanks, just a fun post for bank holiday monday xx

  2. Great post! Nice to read something different amoung the beauty blogs! Found you through bloglovin', I lose my tweezers all the time too don't worry haha xx


  3. Aahahah I love this post! I wish I could just wake up with makeup on too!


  4. To do a wing or to not do a wing, the lifelong struggle... x


  5. Loved this post, so funny! I always have the same thoughts especially, 'I need to pluck my eyebrows' haha
    Kathy x

    1. Thank Kathy :) I hate plucking my eyebrows but if I dont I end up with two caterpillars on my face! haha x

  6. This was so fun. I feel you about the brushes. I hate cleaning them.

    denisday.org| Beauty & Plus Size Fashion

  7. Haha, yes yes yes soooo true!!!! :D

    xx SofiaaDot

  8. Haha!if only we could just wake up with makeup already done... Ahhh how simple life would be

    Beauty Candy Loves

  9. I love this post! I really want to post something like this! You're funny and we have the same thoughts :)


  10. i always pray the make up gods whenever i attempt a winged liner...sometimes it helps.


  11. haha oh my god this is so accurate and funny. :D

    Love, Kerstin

  12. I always compliment myself in my head when I apply highlighter... haha! great post :)


  13. Haha such a funny post but spot on!! When pencilling in my eyebrows I'm always thinking, are they twins or sisters today 😂xx

    1. Im going to get that saying tattooed on me! haha 😂

  14. I loved reading this post! These thoughts definitely come across my mind. x