A Wet & Windy Day In Windsor - Travel Diary

If you follow me on my social media, you will already know that Ive just come back from a family holiday in Windsor. Its a beautiful little town just west of London. We actually went to Windsor because we spend three days in Legoland- which was f.y.i so much fun!

On the Friday, we actually went into the town centre to explore a little bit and of course the weather was wet that day. But it definitely didnt ruin our day out or ruin how beautiful Windsor is. 

Now obviously you cannot go to Windsor without visiting Windsor castle and Im a full on nerd when it comes to things like that so we decided to head there straight away.  You couldn't actually take photos in most of the inside of the castle but I got loads of the castle grounds to share with you all. 

After 2 solid hours exploring the castle, we went for a walk around the town itself. Windsor reminds me a lot of Stratford-upon-avon and Coventry. You can understand why so many people come and visit Windsor because it is the perfect textbook image of England. 

Directly opposite Windsor castle is the old victorian train station that was converted into a shopping centre. They have shops like AVEDA and JAEGER and most importantly Jo Malone. I finally smelt some Jo Malone fragrances and candles people!! I was in the store for ages having a good old whiff of every fragrance. My favourite is Grapefruit, Pomegranate Noir and English Pear & Freesia for those of you wondering. Although I would probably need a mortgage to buy all of those scents!

I hope you enjoyed my little travel diary from Windsor. Let me know if you'd like to see more posts like this in the future. 

Love, Becca 


  1. I've never been to Windsor Becca but by the looks of it - it looks so beautiful! Proper English town with all the cute cobbled streets. Typical for it to be wet and rainy *sigh British weather*

    www.miniaturemilk.co.uk / Imogen

  2. Windsor Castle is so beautiful! I've only been to Windsor once, but it was such a beautiful sunny day and we were on a boat in the river, sunbathing! So blissful. Love your travel diary and would love to see more, hun! :)

    ig: @ployvarnx

  3. Wow, lovely travel diary

    Happy Thursday & Lots of Love,

  4. Lovely post and lovely pictures! Travel diaries are so great to look back on, been obsessed with noseying where people have been lately and made a few of my own!

    Sarah x | http://www.scarletstate.co.uk

  5. Thank you :) Me too, and it inspires me to travel more x