Living with chronic fatigue syndrome

Ever since I started my blog last year Ive wanted to write about this but at the same time I didnt want to. Believe it or not, I am someone who doesn't over share things- in fact I have to be close with someone to be able to talk about things like this. But there are so many people suffering with this "syndrome" (I hate that word for it) and I only really realised this since I started blogging. 

For something so common, it is not talked about that often. In fact most people Ive told about me having this illness haven't had a clue what it is. And a lot of people could be suffering with this illness without having a clue. 

What is chronic fatigue syndrome?

Chronic fatigue syndrome (or cfs for short) is a very complex illness that makes the person suffer with extreme fatigue. It is also known as m.e which is short for Myalgic Encephalopathy which is what its commonly known as here. 


Each person had different ways that m.e effects them. I seem to have had every single symptom and that quite normal. The symptoms I had when I was first ill are completely different to the symptoms I have today. 
The symptoms can be anything from painful muscles and joints, muscle spasms, dizziness, night sweats, memory problems, stomach pains, sensitivity to light and hundreds of others. I could list them all day long! 

My horrible reality

For some people they see chronic fatigue syndrome as something that just makes you tired. WRONG! It doesn't just make you tired, it make you mentally and physically exhausted and drained. When I have had bad flare ups in the past I would be so exhausted I couldn't speak or even sit up in bed and as disgusting as it sounds, sometimes i wouldn't be able to shower for a week! There was this one time where I was so poorly, and I promise you I am not exaggerating here when I was ill in bed and I could find the energy to lick my dry lips. Yes, it gets that bad!

I remember just before I was finally diagnosed I use to try and find other people to talk to online for some sort of support and a lot of those people would warn you that you're in for a bumpy ride in a lot of different ways. Great! And the one thing everyone talked about was people doubting you. I remember one woman saying "if you haven't had someone who doesn't believe you now, its only a matter of time before that happens and unfortunately those who don't believe your illness can be ones who are close to you". At the time I didn't have that, but i have definitely come across some ignorant people now who do not see that I am ill. 
But Im very lucky because my family and friends have been absolutely amazing & incredibly understanding. 

Right now I am actually not doing too well. I have spent the majority of my weekend sleeping and I still dont feel any better. So Im sorry if this post is a little bit all over the place but I hope it made at least a little bit of sense. And Im sure Ive missed out loads of different things so let me know if you'd like a part 2.

Love, Becca


  1. Oh no, I'm so sorry you're struggling so much. Lots of love and hugs xx
    The perks of being a hipster blog

  2. Becca, I know how hard it can be sharing things like that with others, so well done for having the courage to do so :) I know how hard it can be to struggle with something like this, so I do hope you feel better soon xx

    Georgia | The Weekend Attic

  3. This sounds horrible, poor you! Thank-you for sharing to raise awareness, it must've been hard to share some of these details but I like personal posts like these.

    Tia | The 10am Blog

    1. Thank you. It was hard because I was worried I would leave something important out and some people just dont understand it. xx

  4. I've never heard about this before so thank you for educated me on it! I'm curious about the treatment for it but if that's personal I completely understand :) I know a few people who suffer from chronic illnesses and they've also told me about how frustrating it is when people don't believe that you're ill.

    1. Not at all, there is no actual treatment for it. You can do things like yoga to help your muscles but overall theres not much you can do about it. A very useless specialist once told me to "pace myself" and that was the only help he gave me. You'd be surprised at how many people will doubt you, it sucks. xx

  5. I'm so sorry you suffer too, as I have had it diagnosed for the past four years and it's soul destroying to know there's no cure! Sending lots of love xx

    Gemma ♥ | Miss Makeup Magpie

    1. Im sorry to hear that too. Its really life ruining. Wishing you the best. xx

  6. Oh wow, I have never heard of this illness before! And it's heartbreaking there's no cure. Thank you so much for sharing your story, you're definitely raising awareness with this!

    Hugs, Hannie from Missing Wanderer