My Autumn/Winter Beauty Resolutions

It feels so nice to sit down and write a new blog post. Ive spend all of today (Sunday) trying to give my blog a makeover and its been stressful. If you are not a tech geek like me then you'll know what Im talking about. WTF is coding??! I think I should just stick to what I know best and thats writing and blabbering on about beauty.

Anyways, everyone has different goals and resolutions for each week, month, season or even year. Each new season I have a few things I want to change up in my life and in my beauty routine like moisturisers and lip products.
I did a post like this for my summer beauty resolutions (you can read it here) and you all seemed to like it so I decided to do an autumn/winter edition. 

Drink enough water.
This is pretty standard. I feel like most people you talk to are trying to make more of an effort to stay hydrated. I tend to forget to drink enough water in the colder months and my skin will always show that. I will always grab a cup of tea or coffee over a glass of water and its a really bad habit I need to break this year.

I hate waiting for my moisturiser to soak in when the weather is colder, like most people do, so I never have the patience to moisturise. But in the rare times that I do moisturise I love Soap & Glory body butters- they smell divine, and Zoella beauty body butters! I really want to try out a Lush moisturiser this year or maybe I just need to try an in-shower moisturiser. 

Get enough zzz's
I can stay up way later in the autumn and winter months because I like to get cozy in my room and watch films or read books and before I know it it's 2am! This A/W I am going to make a conscious effort to stop staying up too late and get a descent night of sleep every night. I am going to stop going on my laptop and phone before bed so that I really do relax and wind down before bed.

I love having baths but I am terrible at actually having one mainly because my bathroom only had a shower so anytime I want a bath I have to use the one in the main bathroom which is a slight hassle when you live with 5 other people. And with my aches and pains that come along with my illness having long, hot baths can really help. My goal is to try and have 2-3 baths a week and this is the goal I am looking forward to the most. I think a trip to Lush may be on the cards..!

Facial oils/serums
So many people swear by oils and serums nowadays especially in the blogging world but I have never been one of those people (minus the odd DIY coconut oil facial) because I have skin on the oilier side of the spectrum. But now that I know more about oils and serums I am definitely going to start incorporating them into my daily skincare routine. If you have any recommendations I would love to hear them. 

Wear bold lips more often
This is something Ive spoken about already on my blog but this year I really want to rock a gorgeous red or berry lip. And now that I am almost getting my braces off meaning my teeth look nice, I will actually do it more often. Heres to plenty of bold lips!

With the weather getting colder, skin can start getting very dry and that dryness can build up and thats just not a pretty site. Now I am completely useless at remembering to exfoliate. Am I the only one?

When I take my socks off in the colder months I almost pass out with disgust! Ok, my feet aren't that bad but my nail varnish will be so chipped that its pretty much non-existant so any time I go out and wear heels I always have that panic of panting my nails last minute and waiting for them to dry.

Do you have any beauty resolutions or goals for this A/W? 


  1. Drinking enough water is one of my goals too!

    xo, Liz

    1. I am so bad at it. But Ive been trying so hard to remember to drink enough x

  2. I really want to start wearing bold, dark autumn lip colors but I never have a good occasion to wear one to! Good luck with your goals, I definitely need to drink more water too x

    1. Thanks. You should just wear a bold lip when you go out shopping. :)

  3. The Zoella range is something I really want to try!
    Kathy x

  4. I need to keep my skin hydrated, it dries out so much more in the winter and I need to up my skincare routine to match that!

    Lauren Ashleigh xx

  5. I totally need to have more baths! Love them! Great post x

    Anika |

  6. I'm completely with you on the pedicure section lol! great post xx

  7. I love these resolutions. I need to drink more water for sure. I use facial oils all year round...can't imagine life without them ;) xxx
    I love both Lolita & Charming SOOOO much! Such perfect colours. I really need to get my hands on the MUFE primer. It sounds like what my oily skin needs. xxx
    Sal | UmmBaby Beauty

    1. Oh thanks. :) What are some good facial oils you love? x