My Bedroom Makeover Inspiration Board

Over the weekend I have swapped bedrooms with my sister who is currently in uni. I never planned on switching rooms because I love my old bedroom but for health reasons I had to move. So Ive gone from having a huge bedroom downstairs with an en suite to a smaller bedroom upstairs. I am pretty excited about my built in wardrobe though!

So far I have only moved my bed and curtains up to my sisters room. Other than that nothing else has really changed. My sister wants to wait until she's home for Christmas before we move our clothes and bits and pieces which is fair enough. Ive not done too well with this transition although it isn't a huge one. But the stress of moving and not being well has really gotten to me but Ive been looking at the positive side of it- Im getting new bedroom furniture! Ive decided to buy two new bedside cabinets and a new chest of drawers to match my bed and dressing table that I already have and after I will need to buy new bed covers after Christmas anyway. So Im pretty excited about that!

Whats the first thing you do when you move? You spend hours browsing on Pinterest for some inspiration obviously! Or maybe thats just me because a) Im obsessed with Pinterest and b) I flipping love home design and decor. I have actually spend most of my weekend scrolling through the home decor section of Pinterest *follow me at beccafletcher23* and I have found a load of different inspo for my new room. 

Right now I am really loving the whole blush, grey and white theme going on so thats the colour palette Im going to go with. I already have some grey throw pillows and blankets so thats sorted out and a lot of my accessories are neutral, pink or copper. Im also obsessed with plants- fake ones obviously. So expect to see a bunch of different fake plants.

I also love the whole cozy vibe so I plan on having a bunch of different pillows and blankets. Also Im kinda obsessed with the faux sheep fur rugs at the moment. I use to despise them so much. Its funny how our taste can change. Like most people I am still in love with the whole copper/rose gold trend going on. I already have a lot of different copper pieces in my room so I wont have to buy any new ones. The only thing copper I am looking out for is a bin to put my blankets in but its so hard to find one at the moment. 

For a dresser, I have always wanted to buy the Hemnes chest of 8 drawers from Ikea. I think its a piece that you could use for a few different things. Its something I hope I will have for years to come because I dont know why some people diss Ikea furniture because a lot of our pieces at home are from Ikea and they have lasted the whole 12 years we've had them.

For a bedside table I love these matching Hemnes ones and they are only £40 each! My youngest sister has one in her room and Ive been itching to buy some for my room for months and now I finally have a chance to get them. YAY!

There we have some of my inspiration for my room makeover. I cant wait to start getting my room together and hopefully it wont take too long. Watch this space for some room decor blog posts.

If you were redecorating your bedroom right now what colours and theme would you go with?

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Disclaimer- None of these photos are mine. They all came from Pinterest and credit goes out to the owners. 


  1. Awesome post !

  2. Such a nice post, I love greys and blush tones!

    Danielle xx

  3. I'm so obsessed with rose golds, pastel pinks and greys at the moment! I'm moving into my new house in December and can't wait to decorate, thanks for some lovely inspo! x

  4. I love the colour scheme you're going for! Blush pink is a nice relaxing colour xx

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    1. Thanks. Yeah its lovely and relaxing and soothing :)

  5. Lovely post. Love it a lot! You've got yoursef a new fan.

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    Thank you!