My Christmas Beauty Wishlist 2016

I haven't really asked for much this Christmas unless someone wants to spend £41k on my dream car, and every time someone would ask me what I would like I would just go blank. I swear throughout the year I have a giant list of things I would like but as soon as my birthday or Christmas comes up I cannot think of one single thing. haha! To be honest, Im one of those people who would be happy with a pair of socks. Im just always grateful that someone would buy me a gift. 

Magnitone Daily Cleansing face brush
I have always wanted a cleansing face brush like this, ever since the Clarisonic came out a few years ago but honestly I would never spend that much money on a face brush. Its way too overpriced and I couldn't justify spending that much on it. So when I saw this Magnitone brush advertised on telly my mum instantly said that she's get it for me because Ive been speaking about face brushes for years and this one seems really good and doesn't cost and arm and a leg.

This is my all time favourite foundation. I cant say enough good things about it! I have the shade 'Ecru' at the moment but with my pasty white winter skin it is far too dark for me so when my mum asked what I wanted this Christmas I immediately asked for a lighter shade of double wear. Its the only foundation that lasts all day on my skin and its an amazing full coverage foundation so its great for my spotty, uneven skin.

Tartelette In Bloom palette
Ive never tried anything from Tarte before but I am dying to get my hands on some of their makeup, especially their eyeshadow palettes. Im sure most of you will know though that this palette is sold out pretty much everywhere at the moment do I doubt I will be getting this anytime soon. But its such a pretty palette with mattes and shimmers and I think its a pretty good price at £33 for the palette.

Lush 'The Comforter' bubble bar
Ive just done a blog post where I share my top 5 lush products (click here) and this is one of them. I particularly love this one because it makes your bath turn a pretty pink, lasts at least 5 baths and it makes your bath full of bubbles and Im running low on this so I would love a new one.

The Body Shop British Rose Fresh Plumping Mask
Over the last few months the body shop have been releasing new face masks and products left right and centre and I have yet to try any of them. This rose plumping mask sounds really interesting and Ive never used a face mask like it plus I love the smell of rose scented products.

Zoella Bath Latte
This is my favourite release from Zoe along side her Sweet Inspirations body spritz and I am running low on the Bath Latte so if you see this mum, I would love a new bottle please. Its a deliciously smelling sweet macaroon fragrance and the bath latte makes so many bubbles which is fabulous because theres nothing more annoying than a bath product that doesn't make any bubbles when it claims to. Plus its a really pretty bottle that looks gorgeous on the side of your bathtub.

Whats on your Christmas beauty wishlist this year?



  1. Oh that eyeshadow palette is gorgeous.. I loove it! I am definitely taking inspiration from this post anyway, well done on you lovely blog too, I love it!! x

  2. lovely picks! the comforter is one of my fav scents from lush :)

  3. Out of everything Zoe has released the bath latte has definitely been something I'm lusting after since I don't think you can get her beauty stuff out of the UK? Great wishlist :)
    Kathy x

    1. Im not actually sure if you can get her stuff out of the UK. It would be great if you could. :)