October & November Beauty Favourites ft. Nivea, Lush & YSL

Its that time of the month again- favourites time. I didn't write a favourites post for October because I did an Autumn Beauty Edit post and I didn't really find any new products that I wanted to share. Surprisingly I don't often buy new makeup so I didn't have anything exciting to share. But now I have collected a fair few new favourites over these last two months and Ive fallen back in love with some old favourites again.

Rimmel Brow This Way clear gel
I bought this because I do not get on with tinted eyebrow gels. They end up all over my face and basically everywhere other than on my actual brows. This clear gel work far better for me and I have to use a brow gel because my eyebrows are a little on the crazy side.

Topshop cream blush in 'Afternoon Tea'
This is a beautiful pink blush that I bought back in the summer thinking it was a powder so I kinda threw it into the back of my drawers because Ive used a cream blush before and I hated it. But with me moving rooms I found it deep in my drawers and thought I'd give it a go and I actually love it especially because my skin has gotten so dry this winter and it lasts on my cheeks all day. And I only payed £3 for it so what a steal!

YSL Black Opium eau de toilette
Ive spoken about this perfume so many times before and I rave about it to everyone I know. Last year I did a top 5 perfume favourites post here if you missed it and of course I featured this perfume. This fragrance is a coffee, vanilla and radiant white floral scent. Its quite a sexy yet sophisticated scent and I love it. Plus, the bottle is gorgeous!

Nivea double effect eye makeup remover
I have found possible the worlds best eye makeup remover. That is quite a statement I know but its truly life changing when it comes to makeup removal. Its suitable for all skin types, removes waterproof makeup and it doesnt leave and oily residue. Just shake the bottle to mix the two liquids together and put some on a piece of cotton wool and your makeup will just slip off. Because I wear waterproof mascara almost everyday even after removing it with makeup wipes or other makeup removers I would still wake up with panda eyes but that doesnt happen with this. Its brilliant!

Coconut oil
My skin and especially my lips have gotten so dry its disgusting. My lips have been so chapped they were bleeding and thats not a pretty sight. Coconut oil is pretty much the only thing that will completely rehydrate my dry skin and lips. I just love coconut oil and its so good for you. 

Lush Charity Pot hand and body lotion
Although I bought this lotion back in early Autumn (I wrote a haul on this here) its only now Ive gotten around to using it properly because I was trying to finish the 10 thousand hand creams I already owned. Its a shea butter based cream that really moisturises your skin without it leaving a thick layer of oil behind. I will definitely be repurchasing this as soon as I run out of it and 100% of the profit made from this lotion goes straight to charity. 

Essence lipliners
At only £1 each you understandably wouldn't really expect that much from these lipliners. But at £1 you cant go wrong. They aren't the best lipliners Ive ever tried but they are really good and I have collected quite a few. This month I bought two new ones in the colours '11 in the nude' and '06 satin mauve'. They can be quite drying but then they do last longer and I layer them with a satin lipstick rather than a dry liquid lipstick or even with just a bit of vaseline on top because they are so pigmented.

What are some of your favourites this month?






  1. I love using coconut oil in the winter! Black Opium sounds really nice, I haven't smelled it before but I'd like to x


    1. Its a skin saviour. You need to go and have a sniff of black opium!

  2. I've tried the coconut oil pulling to try and whiten my teeth and it really helped! x

    1. Ive only done it once and I nearly puked it made me feel so sick. haha!!

  3. the topshop blush is so pretty. the perfect day to day colour and i want it in my collection.


  4. Lovely favourites! The Essence lip liners sound nice. I'll have to check them out the next time I'm at the drugstore :)

    Nicole | The Glam Surge