Winter Skincare Essentials

Id say this is the first winter that I have really switched up my skincare. I usually just stick to what I use all the time and maybe add a heavier moisturiser and thats it. But this year I really wanted to try some new products and switch things up a little bit.

My skin has obviously gotten dryer in the winter but my t-zone has stayed as oily as it does year round so my mission really was to find some new products to detox and cleanse the build up in my skin. 

Sanctuary Spa Ultimate Cleansing Oil
Oil cleansers are such a huge trend at the moment and I had never tried one until I bought this one a couple of months ago. Its suitable for all skin types, removes makeup, cleanses and hydrates your skin all at one. If you have really dry skin then this cleanser would be perfect for everyday but if you oily/combo skin like I do I wouldn't suggest using it everyday because it does break me out if I use it too often. I just use it every now and then when Ive been wearing heavy makeup and my skins feeling a little dry and dull. 

Beauty Formulas Activated Charcoal Clay Mask
I recently picked up this face mask in B&M who have some great discounted beauty brands by the way. I believe this mask was only £1 so it was definitely worth trying out in my eyes. Its actually such a good face mask! It doesn't burn your face and I have sensitive and eczema prone skin in the winter but it really does detox and deep clean your skin. Its targeted to absorb excess oils, deeply cleanse the skin and draw out deep-rooted dirt and even though Ive only used it twice it definitely made a huge difference to my skin and I cant wait to use it again.

Lush Charity Pot body and hand lotion
This lotion is great and its one of my favourite Lush products. 100% of the profit made by these lotions go to different charities which is great. Its a self-preserving hand and body lotion with rosewood oil, ylang ylang and fair trade shea butter. A little of this goes a long way so it will last you for months. 

Dove gradual self tanner
I get super pale in the winter and usually I will fake tan but this winter I havent once. I much prefer using a gradual tanner because its hydrating and a lot more subtle than a mousse fake tan. You can use this in the summer to boost your tan or you can use it in the winter to add a little bit of a healthy glow and colour to your skin. I use it twice a week on my arms and chest because lets be real I am not going to be flashing my legs in this weather!

Nivea double effect eye makeup remover
This is another B&M find. I have never found a makeup remover that takes every drop of waterproof mascara off my eyes until I tried this and you don't need to drag on your eyes to get your makeup off. If you struggle to get all of your eye makeup off then and I cant recommend this product enough to you. Its suitable for all skin types and has cornflower extract. 

Bioré Deep Cleansing Charcoal Pore Strips
These are the pore strips to try. This is actually the first time Ive tried the charcoal ones and they are great. I get a lot of blackheads and it drives me crazy so I love using these strips. I don't know if the charcoal ones are any better than the original ones but I still love them. As I was saying earlier, I get a lot of congestion and build up in my t-zone so I like to use these every 2 weeks or so. I just wish pore strips in general wernt so expensive.

What are some of your skincare essentials for the winter months?


  1. That charcoal clay mask sounds great, and charcoal in general has been a great beauty skincare trend!
    Kathy x

  2. I really want to try some products from Biore, heard such good things.

    EmmysBeautyCave | Blog Header Designs | GIVEAWAY Win ABH & More

    1. You should, Their charcoal face cleanser is really good too. x

  3. I got the Charity Pot sample a while back and loved it! I think I need to get the full sized one here pretty soon.
    The New Old Fashioned Girl

    1. its such a lovely cream. I want the full size one too x

  4. That Biore pore strips never work for me. They don't really take off all of my blackheads which is quite a bummer. x

    1. Oh no, thats so annoying. Have you tried steaming your face before hand?x

  5. Do you know if the charcoal mask is sold in the US? Charcoal is my absolute favorite ingredient to use on my face. Definitely a detoxifying ingredient!

    Jordyn Pamela |

    1. I have no idea sorry. Im sure youd be able to find a similar one on amazon tough!x