How To Get Healthy Hair | My Hair Care Routine & Favourites For Damaged Hair

I am on a quest to get healthy hair again. As someone who had bleached hair its really important for me to find some good, nourishing hair products to get my hair back to its healthy state. This had been my goal since I dyed my hair a darker dirty blonde back in early December and I have tried out a load of new products to get my hair looking good and to grow it out nice and healthy. My end goal is to have long, healthy hair that I don't need to wear extensions with to add that extra thickness and length.

Washing & Conditioning
The current haircare line I am using is the CoCo LoCo 'Straw to silk' by Lee Stafford. I had this set for Christmas and only now Ive really started using it. I have the 250ml shampoo and conditioner and the 200ml CoConut hair mask. These products smell exactly like summer! They obviously are coconut scented which is my favourite smell but its not too overpowering, sweet or artificial smelling like a lot of other products tend to be.
Its a deeply nourishing haircare line that claims to take hair from 'straw to silk' which is something I've definitely been needing. The hair mask is so thick and nourishing that the first time I grabbed a blob to put in my hair I actually thought I picked up my Soap & Glory body butter by accident but nope, it really was the CoConut hair mask. Because it is really thick and nourishing you don't need to use a lot of it to get a good result. The first time I used this my hair looked amazing after leaving it air-dry which is something that never happens to me anymore because my hair was so damaged it would dry and look really frizzy. Yuck! I only use this mask maybe once or maybe twice a week.
As someone who has oily hair I try not to wash it too often because you will just end up stripping your hair of the good oils and make your hair even greasier. It is hard not to wash my hair everyday but thank goodness for Batiste dry shampoo, thats all Im going to say. If there was one thing I would wish for my hair it would be that it wasn't as greasy and I only had to wash it 3-4 times a week.

Styling Products 
I have found a new holy-grail hair product that I just have to share with everyone! My hairdresser has used the Bed Head 'After Party' styling cream on my hair for years and every time I left her salon my hair would look so sleek, shiny and healthy but stupidly I never thought of buying it for myself until she mentioned that B&M have been selling it for £5. You can bet that I was going to run to that shop to buy myself a bottle that day. A little bit of this cream really goes a long way. It tames flyaways and little baby hairs whilst adding shine leaving your hair looking healthy. I naturally have a lot of fine hair so I am definitely prone to a lot of fly aways and from bleaching my hair I have a decent amount of split ends but this completely seals them.
Along side the Bed Head 'After Party' I have been using the L'oreal Elvive serum. Ive actually been using this for almost 2 years now and its the best hair oil I have ever tried. You get ml for £ and you only need to use a tiny bit so this bottle will last you for ages!
To add some extra shine to my hair, I love the Lee Stafford shine spray. When I was bleach blonde my hair would often look dull and limp but when I used this spray it actually looked healthy and shiny. Even though Im a dirty blonde now I still use this spray and it makes my hair look really luscious and healthy. Another amazing product I use to add shine to my hair and to keep it healthy is the OGX 'Anti Breakage Keratin Oil', it smells amazing and doesn't weigh down your hair.

Heat styling and extensions
Ive been wearing extensions for almost two years now and I am still on my first set. My extensions are from Hair Rehab London which is a company owned by TOWIE's Laure Pope and her extensions have been warn by Cheryl Cole, Little Mix and so many other amazing celebrities. My set was originally a bleach blonde but when I went darker I decided to go and buy a hair dye from Boots to colour my extensions myself instead of forking out £100 to buy a new set. It was a real guess with what colour to buy and I nailed it on the head. No one ever notices that I wear extensions which is exactly what I want.
As far as heat styling I dont really do it often. I use to be that girl who washed, blow dried and straightened their hair daily but nowadays I am just lazy af with my hair. I will 50% of the time dry my hair with a hairdryer because I hate the feeling of wet hair but I do try to leave it air dry the other 50% of the time to prevent a bucket load of damage. If Im feeling fancy I will straighten or curl my hair but recently that has been a really rare occurrence mainly because the straighteners I own are rubbish and I would rather spend that 10 minutes of hair styling on my makeup honestly. But if and when I do curl my hair I always use my Babyliss curling wand. When I use to own hair straighteners that were good I would use them to curl my hair because I like the more beach and relaxed curls/waves on myself. If you have any good hair straightener with heat settings recommendations for me I would love to hear them.

Ive only been doing this routine since I coloured my hair back in early December and my hair is already looking and feeling so much better. I really would recommend these products to anyone who is struggling with dry and damaged hair.

*all of these products were purchased by me and all of my opinions are my own!*


  1. Oils are perfect for damaged hair. I used many heating tools in the past and my hair was a nightmare but using oils every other day has saved them. The Lee Stafford products are amazing! x


  2. I constantly use oils on the ends of my hair. I have really curly hair so I use heat all the time and oils are the only thing that really works!

    Danielle xx

    1. Oil completely changes my hair game. I couldnt do my hair without one!

  3. I totally understand you, after years of dyeing my hair, I finally needed to do something with them. It took me probably 2 years, but now I honestly can say that my hair are healthy and great. If you're looking for great nourishing mask, try Macadamia Deep Repair Masque.

    Michelle Morchella

    1. Well done, 2 years isnt that bad after years of dyeing it! Ive heard so many incredible things about that masque for years now I just need to try it x

  4. My hair is incredibly damaged so I need all the help and tips I can get! Thanks for sharing! X


  5. These all sounds like such great products!! Thanks for sharing!

    Grace x

  6. So many products I need to get my hands on!

    Class and Glitter

  7. Lovely post. Hair oils are definitely heavenly for when you have dry ends.I definitely do need to step up my hair care game though.

    1. Thank you :) I couldnt imagine not using hair oils now x

  8. Great post, must find these products! I'm still going through this process after almost a year of not bleaching, it's awful. I found that coconut oil really helps. I leave it on my hair on those lazy stay in days!