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Mario Badescu Drying Lotion

This is a product I have heard so many people talking about over the last few years. Im pretty sure the first time I heard about it was through Elle Fowler back in the early youtube days and I have been curious to try it ever since. So, a few weeks ago when I was placing a makeup order on BeautyBay I decided to finally buy a bottle to see what the hype was about. 

Ive been dealing with a lot of stress related breakout recently which is the biggest pain in the butt, so I was pretty desperate to find a spot treatment that really worked. I have tried loads of spot treatments over the last 10 years and I have found a couple that I really like but Ive never found one that is incredible and one I would re-purchase over and over again. 

The Mario Badescu drying lotion is a two part solution you apply to your face with a cotton bud at night time after you wash and cleanse your face. First off, its really important that you do NOT shake the bottle because if the two liquids mix they wont separate again and basically you will be left with something that wont dry out those spots.

This product completely dries out your spots overnight. It does sting a little when you first put it on but that doesn't last very long and I just think of it as a sign of it working. This treatment has Salicylic  Acid and Calamine thats designed to treat breakouts and soothe your skin. It is suitable for all skin types which is a huge bonus. It has quite a pungent smell which is fine unless you have a breakout under your nose! That has happened to me and I thought I was going to pass out from the fumes! LOL! BeautyBay.com sell the plastic and the glass bottle versions of this drying lotion at £14.00 so its up to you what kind of bottle you would like. I have the plastic one.  

Overall I would give this a 10/10! I can see myself buying this again and again. If you do suffer with some breakouts and spots I would 100% recommend you buy this treatment- I actually cannot recommend it enough!


*This product was bought out of my own money and I am not being sponsored in any form. I just genuinely love this product. 


  1. I've been loving Mario Bedescu products! The rose spray is my favorite, but I really want to try this drying lotion! :)


    1. They are a really great skincare company. Ive heard lots of good things about the rose spray. X

  2. I bought this last month in Urban Outfitters and I was so happy that it actually does work :))

    Caterina | www.caterinasosso.com

    1. I know, its amazing to actually find a spot treatment that really does something to reduce breakouts. X