How I Stopped & Prevent Excessive Sweating

Excessive sweating can be a really embarrassing and an upsetting issue. You constantly need to change tops and grey coloured shirts are completely out of the picture. I use to sweat a lot and it honestly made me feel like crap! I couldn't wear the clothes I wanted and even though I showered and wore deodorant every single day without fail I would still get smelly and that was so embarrassing. I tried everything! I had talked to my doctor, tried endless types of deodorants but nothing seemed to help and if I was anxious it only made the sweating worse.

One day when I was googling ways to stop my crazy sweating a I found a review of this deodorant called 'Driclor' and it actually sounded too good to be true. I told my mum about it and I ordered it from Boots that day! I can now wear grey tops without worrying about crazy sweat patches and I dont have to worry about smelling bad.

What it is
Driclor is a roll on solution for people who suffer from excessive sweating. Within weeks of using it you will stop sweating as much and in my case it has stopped my sweating 95%. It contains aluminium chloride hexahydrate and its works by forming a gel matrix in your sweat glands that eventually slows down sweat production. If you want to read more about it you can visit

How you use it
You apply a layer to dry and clean skin before bed. Sleep with the product on your underarms and wash it off with soap first thing in the morning. You use your usual deodorant throughout the day, you just need to apply Driclor before bed. Within a couple of nights/weeks you will start to notice your sweat production lowering. I only used it for 3 nights before noticing a huge difference. Stop using it nightly once you notice it working and I just use it once every couple of weeks for a top up but in the beginning I did it once a week once it started working.

Side effects
This can seriously itch your skin but the pain is so worth it once you start seeing results The first few times I used it it felt like I had fire ants under my arms, it drove me crazy and it took me hours to fall asleep but as soon as I woke up in the morning it was fine. I do have sensitive skin so do keep that in mind. Do NOT use it if you have just shaved or have irritated and broken skin just like you wouldnt with any other deodorant.

Where to buy it
I bought mine for £6.19 from boots but you can buy it from Amazon, or from the official Driclor website but Im sure you can buy it from your local Chemist or Pharmacy.

If you have problems or you know of someone who suffers with excessive sweating, I hope this post and product helps you out. If this deodorant helps you out then please let me know. I would love to hear if it helps at least one person out. 

*As usual this post is 100% my own opinion. I have not been gifted this product and I am not being sponsored by the brand. I just genuinely love this and I want to share it with anyone who has sweating problems. xo


  1. This sounds really good! My friend has been searching for ages for something like this so I'll recommend it to her xx


  2. this sounds amazing! I don't suffer from excessive sweating but its good to know there are products out there to help

    1. Yes, thats why I wanted to write this post because I dont think that many people know about these types of deodorants.