4 Haircare Products To Try

First off, I am so exited about my blog. Ive just changed my theme because I actually get bored quite easily with my blog so I hope you guys love it because I do! I have a bunch of new and exciting posts scheduled for the next few weeks so keep your eyes peeled.

I dont think Ive ever said on my blog before that Im obsessed with hair. I actually really want to do a hairdressing course as soon as my health problems are under control. Ive always loved hair ever since I was a little girl and I was always that friend who was always doing everyone elses hair. I love trying out new hair products but I dont as often as I would like to because I unfortunately dont have an endless bank balance. The hair products I do own though are my holy-grails and I tend to stick with them and re-purchase them over and over.  

Lee Stafford CoCo LoCo hair mask
This is my all time favourite hair mask. Its the only one Ive tried that really makes a difference in the look and feel of my hair. I use to bleach my hair (stupid mistake) so my hair is quite damaged even though I havent bleached my hair in probably a year now. Coconut is one of my favourite scents too and this mask and hair care line isnt overly sweet smelling like some coconut products can be. I try to use this mask once a week or before I have an event coming up. 

OGX Anti-Breakage and Keratin Oil Rapid Reviving Oil
I swear Ive had this bottle for years! I use it really often but it seems to never get empty which is great. Its a lightweight spray hair oil from the OGX Keratin Oil line which is made to nourish, strengthen and protect your hair using keratin proteins and argan oil. I do have a love hate relationship with the shampoo and conditioner from this line but this hair oil spray is really great. I spray it into the ends of my hair before I blow dry my hair and it leaves me hair looking sleek and shiny where it usually looks rather frizzy and damaged. My only warning is if you have fine hair be careful with how much you use because it can make your hair look greasy quickly. 

Bed Head After Party
For a finishing product the Bed Head After Party hair cream is ideal. My hair dresser has been using this in my hair for years and years now so my mum bought me my own bottle for Christmas. It tames any fly aways, adds some shine and leaves your hair looking sleek. I love using this when I straighten my hair but it works even better on curled hair and a little bit of product goes a long way. This product actually leaves my hair looking like someones from a haircare ad!

Tresemme Heat Defence Styling Spray
This use to be the heat protectant spray in the beauty community on youtube back in the day and everyone and their mums use to use it. I dont know if people still use this but I do. Im probably on my 5th bottle at this rate. It protects your hair upto 230 degrees, seals in shine without weighing down your hair. Im pretty bad at remembering to use this product but Ive been trying to do it everytime I style my hair lately because you have to keep your hair healthy and Im trying to grow my hair out a couple of inches. I will always try to use this before I dry my hair so that my hair is protected through the drying and the styling. 


  1. I still use the Tresemme Heat Defence Spray! Yes, it was a big hit back in the day. I don't style my hair as often any more and rarely use heat so I don't use it as often but when I do this is my go to.

    1. Im exactly the same actually. I rarely style my hair with heat now but I do still try to use this heat protectant. X

  2. the coco hair mask sounds amazing!


  3. I love the brand OGX, I definitely need to try more of their products, especially their oils and hair masks.


    1. I love their oils and hair masks. I wouldnt recommend their shampoos though, I really dont like them :(

  4. I love the bed head stuff. Leaves my hair feeling so soft and shiny. I need ti try that hair mask. My hair is so dry at the moment so it desperately needs some love
    Beth x
    Mermaid in Disguise