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My Favourite Face Masks For Combination/Oily Skin

I love face masks. Its an essential in my pamper nights and in my skincare routine. I have been getting better at using face masks more consistently over the last few weeks and I usually use one 2-3 times a week. I notice a huge improvement in the look and feel of my skin when I do use masks frequently and its a great way for some self love. I will just grab a book, light a candle and relax for 20 minutes.

Lush Mask of Magnaminty
This infamous Lush face mask has been a favourite of mine for years now. I like to use this when my skin is really playing up and when it feels just gross and yucky. Its a peppermint self-preserving face and body mask containing products like honey, organic Aduki beans, Primrose seeds, peppermint oil and African Marigold oil. It is specifically designed to fight spots and breakout so you can get clear skin again. I really love this mask because it is 100% natural and its nice to know that everything in it is good for your skin and body. 

Sanctuary Spa 5 Minute Thermal Detox Mask
I have only recently purchased this mask and it is already my new favourite mask. I love any sort of charcoal skincare product and any kind of warming face mask, it feels like you're having a facial at home. So many people had recommended this mask for me when I had a crazy skin breakout a few weeks ago after waxing my eyebrows. My forehead looked like the flipping Himalayas for a good week and a bit! This self heating clay mask is designed to open up your pores so that the clay can clean and detoxify your skin without irritating or stripping the skin of all oils. 

Soap & Glory No Clogs Allowed Self-Heating Mask
This mask has been a favourite of mine for a few year now. As you can tell I really love self-heating face masks and anything that clears and unclogs all the gunk out of my pores. All you need to do is squeeze out some mask into your hands and rub it onto your skin. Then you wet your hands and massage it into your face so that it starts to turn blue and heats up. After 5 minutes its recommended to wash the mask off with a wet cloth but I usually leave it on for 10 minutes so that it really works and cleans my skin. I really like this face mask too because it is specifically designed for combination/oily skin types so all you peeps out there with the same skin type as me, you should go and try this mask out now. I actually need to go and buy a new tube soon because as you can see I am running low!

Beauty Formulas Clay Mask with Activated Charcoal
This face mask I got from B&M a while back for a couple of pounds but I have found it on amazon for £3.16 so you dont have to miss out if you dont have a B&M store close to you. It is designed to absorb excess oils, deeply cleanse the skin and to draw out deep-rooted dirt. I like to call this mask my "hardcore mask" because I do find it can be quite harsh on your skin so I make sure to only use this when my skin hasnt been dry or sensitive and when its breaking out quite badly. I also only use this as a "spot mask" so I only use it on my breakouts and not on my entire face. But for the price you really cannot go wrong..unless you have really sensitive skin. 

What are some of your favourite face masks to use and which mask is on your 'wishlist'?






  1. I've always been really scared to try out heating masks, I think Biore had one and that kinda scared me haha!
    Kathy x

    1. Its such a weird sensation in the beginning but then it feels lovely! LOL x

  2. I am going to have to bookmark this blog post, finding things that work for my combination skin can be so hard!

    Danielle xx

    1. I honestly swear by these masks for combo skin!

  3. Great picks! I've been wanting to try that lush mask for so long :)


    1. Its really good, everyone I speak to who has tried it love it. :)

  4. I've never tried a self-heating mask but have always been really intrigued. The Soap & Glory one sounds really good, I really want to try it. x

    Jordan Alice

    1. The soap & glory one was the first one I ever tried and its still my fave :)