My Bucket List

(photo from Pinterest)
Over the years my bucket list has completely changed and switched up. When I was in my young teens one of my goals was to be in a Twilight film (dont judge me) and that obviously didnt happen and another was to go to university which also didnt happen! But Im ok with not achieving those two things of my old bucket list and Id like to think that my current bucket list is a lot more realistic and achievable than 14 year old Rebeccas list.

1. Open a coffee shop
This has been a dream of mine for a few years now. I would love to open and run a cute little pinterest inspired coffee shop that sells healthy and homemade vegan, gluten free and dairy free cakes and drinks. I would want the place to have a lot of shiplap, candles and fairy lights and to have a really cozy and homely feel to it.

2. Write a book
I have been a book worm ever since I was a little girl and it would be amazing to be able to write a book of my own one day. When I was little I would start writing these little books but they would only end up being a handful of pages long and probably sucked!

3. Ride in a helicopter
I am scared of heights so this may be a stupid idea but I would love to go for a helicopter ride over a city somewhere maybe London, Paris or New York.

4. Own my own home
This may sound like a silly one but it really is on my bucket list. So many people nowadays arent able to buy an own their own homes because of the property market and todays economy so owning my own place really is on my bucket list. Its such a massive deal being able to buy a home and I just cant wait to do it.

5. Visit Australia
Who wouldn't want to visit Australia?! I remember watching people on telly moving down under when I was a little girl and Ive been so interested in visiting ever since then. The whole outdoor living, beautiful beaches and the warm weather really attracts me to Australia so one day (soon) Im hoping to get this checked off my bucket list.

6.  Buy and sell houses
My mum and I have wanted to do this together for a while now. We want to buy houses and do them up to either sell on or rent out. I am really into home development and home design (blame my parents and grandparents for that) and that would honestly be my dream job.

7. See Adele and Ed Sheeran in concert
So one of these are coming true next year and I am ecstatic about it! My uncle managed to buy my mum, me and my sisters tickets to see Ed Sheeran live next June in Cardiff and I cant even explain how happy I am to see him. The amount of times Ive watched his Glastonbury set from this year is ridiculous and I never thought I would actually manage to get the chance to see him live. It feels very surreal to think that next year I will be seeing him live for myself. Getting Adele tickets however will be a lot more difficult and might not happen but I can still dream about it, right?

What are some things on your bucket list?


  1. A great list! If you could own your coffee shop, everything else would follow as you'd hopefully be really successful and could afford to buy your home & tick some places off your bucket list! xx


    1. Yes, everything could fall into place then :) x

  2. I would love to write a book. I just wish I had the time, plus, I would be scared that somebody would laugh at what I had wrote!

    Danielle xx

    1. Same here. I am terrified of people finding my blog and laughing at me so writing a book would actually be 10 times scarier!

  3. I really want to write a book to! It's been on my bucket list ever since I can remember!

    Abigail Alice x

    1. I hope you get to check that off your bucket list :)