Switching To Cruelty-Free Beauty

If you follow me on twitter you would've probably seen me tweeting about going cruelty-free lately. I spend a lot of time watching different videos that pop up on my facebook page and one specific video of little Beagle puppies who were released from having products tested on them and them being so nervous and anxious around people has completely pushed me to make the change. I was aware of cruelty-free products and brands that don't actively test on animals before but Ive really been researching it and its definitely the right thing for me to do.

I am such an dog lover. I am that person who gasps when they spot a dog a mile away and I would do anything for my dog. Me and my sisters waited years to finally be allowed to have a dog and he is my everything and the fact that companies and brands out there actively test on little animals breaks my heart. Its 2017 for goodness sake! They don't need to be testing these chemicals on animals. It REALLY angers me especially as there are hundreds and thousands of brands that don't need to test on animals. I wish I had gone fully cruelty-free sooner but I will be using up the products I already own that aren't cruelty-free until they are finished but I will not be repurchasing them again unless I have to.

Why should you go cruelty-free?
According to the Peta website over 100 million animals are killed in laboratories each year in the US alone! Some of those animals include birds, mice, cats and dogs and the pain and torture they go through is horrendous. If you want to read more on that then go over to the Peta website because its too graphic for me to be sharing here.

How to stop brands from testing on animals
There are lots of ways to stop this from happening. You can stop buying household and beauty items that are being tested on animals or you can spread the word to your friends and family or even support these different charities to stop this from happening.

Some cruelty-free brands
I will be doing another post soon sharing more cruelty-free brands but for now Im just going to share some of my favourite brands I have used for years and years that are cruelty-free not many people know about:

Barry M
Soap & Glory
Too Faced
Urban Decay
Sanctuary Spa
Makeup Geek
The Body Shop
Eco Tools 
BH Cosmetics
Original Source (they do the best shower gels!)

If you are someone who is living a cruelty-free and know of any good brands to try out or have any advice for me, please let me know. I am eager to try out some things from Superdrugs cruelty-free line "B." really soon so if you have tried any of those please recommend your faves to me.






  1. It is definitely a switch that I want to make, it is going to be hard to make some changes from my favourite products but it will be worth it!

    Danielle xx

    1. It is hard but totally worth it. Im gutted Benefit and Estee Lauder arent cruelty-free, it breaks my heart! :(

  2. As a cruelty free blogger myself, I really admire you for making the switch to cruelty free makeup. I love how you're spreading the word about it too, keep up the great work :)


    1. Thank you so much Izzy. Its so worth doing and Im happy Ive finally made the switch x