A Weekend In Chester & Leeds

A few weekends ago my parents, little sister, little brother and I went away for a long weekend to Leeds. My mums best friend lives there and we never go up to see her and this summer was a perfect time to visit as we aren't going on a holiday abroad this year.

Chester is one of our favourite places and Ive already been there once this year for my aunties hen weekend and I had so much fun. I highly recommend a night out in Chester if you ever get the chance, it was one of the best nights out Ive ever had! The bar and clubs are amazing and the shopping is out of this world!

After an afternoon strolling though the streets of Chester and getting caught in the middle of a downpour and lightning storm we drove another hour or so up to Leeds. I haven't been to Leeds for at least 7 years and I had actually forgotten what it was like there. On the Sunday we met up with my mums friend and her son and best friend for the day. We went to the Royal Armouries Museum which is located down in Leeds Docks, a part of Leeds we had never been to before. Its free entry so thats a bonus and theres a little cafe and shop on site. I then conquered a fear of mine and we took the water taxi. I hate being in any situation where I cant immediately get out of and I hate boats so Im pretty proud of myself for ignoring my fear and getting on that boat. It was actually a nice little trip and I didnt pass out from fear.  Haha!

We then walked a few minutes into the town centre to do a little spot of shopping..oops! And thank goodness we missed the rain that day because after we left it absolutely hammered it down. I dragged my Mum into the Michael Kors shop which was beautiful and I had no idea that Kat Von D makeup was in some Debenhams stores so I had to have a browse there for a while. One shop Im really sad I didn't get to go into was Zara Home. Maybe because Im a small town girl *cue Westlife music* but I had no idea Zara had a homewear store!

That was my little weekend getaway with my fam bam. I thought I took a lot more photos than I actually did so I apologise for that. Next time I go away I am going to make sure I pack my camera. 



  1. Leeds is my hometown so I'm glad you liked it haha! Lovely photos :)

    Anika xo | anikamay.co.uk

  2. I've only been to Leeds ones, but I definitely want to go again- I loved it so much. Chester also looks amazing, I really want to go to the zoo there. I hope you had a good weekend! x

    Abi | abistreetx

    1. Chester is so beautiful. I went to Chester Zoo a few years ago and its amazing there, best zoo ive ever been to!

  3. I haven't been to Chester in years but I'd love to go back - it's so picturesque! xx


  4. I really want to go to Chester, I have heard that the shopping there is incredible!

    Danielle xx

  5. I haven't been in Chester before but based on your photos, it is a beautiful place!