Why I've Gone Vegan

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I am the first to admit it, I never thought I could go vegan but here I am making the jump and switching to a vegan diet. You may have noticed lately from my blog posts that Ive gone cruelty-free (check out my post on switching to cruelty-free beauty here) and going vegan just seemed like the next step for me. I've actually held back from writing this post for a few weeks to see if I could successfully turn vegan and I actually have. Woop!

So I know you're probably thinking, "why on earth have you gone vegan?" Well theres actually two main reasons why I have gone vegan and the main one is to see if it improves my health (I have CFS and Fibromyalgia) and for ethical reasons.

It was something I had always been intrigued by but never thought I would actually be able to do. I really didn't think I had the strength and motivation do to it. In the past Ive briefly been a vegetarian and I cut out dairy from my diet to see if it helped with my IBS so I am aware of the small changes you need to make. I am also on a gluten-free diet and I have been since I was 13/14 years old after battling with chronic stomach pain for years and eventually figuring out it was gluten that was the cause of my pain so I know how to replace foods and Im definitely used to missing out on certain foods.

My youngest sister went vegan around 6 months ago and I did think she was kinda crazy in the beginning. We live in a very rural part of Wales and I just thought it would be impossible or at least very difficult to be able to do here but I was wrong. She has made it look so easy and she inspired me to make the change. Don't get me wrong, she has definitely had times where she couldn't eat out or at someones house because they didn't have a vegan option but that was only a couple of times and she tends to bring a banana and a Nakd bar (the orange chocolate ones are soo yummy!) wherever she goes so she will always have something to eat.

After watching the documentary on Netflix called "Vegucated" it completely made me go vegan. Its quite an old documentary but its really informative and educating. Its about a vegan woman who searches for 3 ordinary people in New York City to go vegan for 6 weeks to see the health benefits. It shows them meeting doctors, visiting farms, going to vegan conventions and talking about the farming industry. It is quite graphic though in parts and it had me in tears! But after the 6 weeks it shows their health changes and all 3 of them lost weight, lowered their blood pressure and cholesterol which is pretty amazing if you ask me. I dont have problems with my cholesterol or blood pressure, its actually perfect according to my doctor, but I do want to lose weight and be the healthiest I can be. This documentary is a must watch in my opinion.

Another reason why Ive made the leap to veganism is because of different youtubers and bloggers I follow who are cruelty free and vegan. My favourite vegan youtuber is Kalel who is just a beautiful human being and she shares a lot of "What I Eat In A Day" videos that really inspire me to cook more and try new foods. She's a great woman to start watching if you're interested in veganism and healthy eating.

And theres so much more to veganism than just eating fruit and vegetables. There are so many different types of foods you can eat that you probably didnt know were vegan. Like did you know Oreos are vegan?! (sadly not gluten-free though)

Don't worry, I am not going to be one of those extremely opinionated and "know-it-all" vegans we all know and hear of who give vegans a bad rep. This is just something that I want to do for my health and ethical beliefs and I would never pressure anyone else to go vegan or make them feel bad about their diets. I do come from a family or dairy and beef farmers after all! I just wanted to blog about it because my blog is "Beauty Life Becca" after all so you may see the odd vegan themed post pop up every now and then.

Are you vegan or have you ever thought of making the lifestyle or diet change?







  1. Congratulations! I really admire anyone who can take the step to go vegan. I would like to become vegetarian or pescatarian (where you eat fish) but for my personal needs I don't think I could be vegan. Best of luck to you with it, it sounds like you're doing well already! :)


    1. Thank you :) Going vegan isnt for everyone and I completely understand that. Ive been vegetarian and pescatarian in the past and I loved it. Good look to you too x