12 Things

How pretty is this photo? I quickly snapped this pic in a carpark in town last week when the sun was shining.

I love tag posts and I have done quite a few on my blog over the last 2 years. I first saw this post over on Aspyn Ovards blog (you can read her post here) but since then I have seen a few other bloggers doing this post. You basically just write and share 12 things. It can be our favourite food, the last movie you saw, what you've been up to this month, basically anything your little heart desires.

1. I have finally booked my driving test! Its coming up in the next couple of weeks and I am super-duper nervous for it. I never thought I would be brave enough to start driving which is why I am 21 and a half and only now doing it now. It was a massive issue for me when I was 17 because I had such massive issues with anxiety but here I am now, getting ready to take me test. I have been driving on and off for 2 years but its only in this last month that I have been consistently having lessons. So please wish me luck guys!

2. I'm going to see Niall Horan, Ed Sheeran and Dua Lipa next year. Woop! If theres one thing you should know about me its that concerts are my favourite things to go to. I barely drink, I don't smoke so I spend my money on concert tickets (and makeup). If I could go to a concert every weekend I would.

3. Speaking of Niall Horan, his debut album Flicker has just come out and if you're wondering what Ive been blasting in my car its this beauty. My personal faves aside from Slow Hands are On The Loose, Too Much To Ask, Paper Houses and Mirrors. I definitely get some Fleetwood Mac vibes from his album and I am really liking it.

4. Ive started Christmas shopping. Can you guys believe it?! Last year I was frantically buying gifts because I was too picky and I ended up leaving it too last minute. This year though I am organised and I started buying gifts at the end of September so this Christmas is going to be easy-breazy and not stressful in the slightest.

5. Like most people these days I do love a nice mug of coffee, especially if its a festive coffee. I do love a nice, tall pumpkin spice latte but for an everyday treat I bought myself the Dougwe Edgberts roasted hazelnut instant coffee so I can drink mugs of this in a day without the guilt of a PSL.

6. How amazing is the Topshop X Stranger Things clothing line?! I really love the black 'Stranger Things' slogan t-shirt and the 'Hawkins' stripe t-shirt.  But unfortunately most of this launch has sold out :( So Im hoping they restock with everything soon so I can get my hands on one of the tops.

7. I really want to try out the Fenty Beauty foundation. It looks like such a good foundation and the shade range is incredible! Usually when I buy a foundation I have to go for the lightest colour and thats usually too dark for me but I doubt I'll have that problem with this brand. Saying that though, I have no idea which shade would suit me so I'll have to do some research before I pick one.

8. Did anyone watch the Gordon Ramsey on Cocaine documentary that just came out on ITV? Its one of the best documentaries I have watched in a long time. I am really clueless when it comes to drugs so it was a massive eyeopener and shocker for me. I had no idea they put so much shit and dangerous stuff into cocaine. I didn't even know what it was made of actually before this documentary and people still do drugs, its beyond me!

9. My favourite youtuber at the moment is Keren Swanson. She has a daily vlogging channel with her fiancé Khoa and her two beautiful baby boys and she's uploading daily onto her personal channel right now. I highly recommend checking out her channel because she is so funny and I love her videos. She does tag videos, hauls, and home decor videos. She also has a blog where she has started posting personal stories on a couple of times a week.

10. Don't Blame Me! is a hilarious advice podcast by Meghan Reinks. Ive been listening to it for a while now and Meghan makes me laugh so much. She is straight talking, funny and she actually gives helpful and realistic advice for dating and life.

11. I am gutted Liam left Bake Off! I know everyone on twitter was just as heartbroken as I was that he left the tent and not Stacey (sorry girl). I was so upset I swore I wouldnt watch #GBBO again but who am I kidding? I love Bake Off and I will always end up watching it. I am rooting for Sophie to win.

12. Speaking of Bake Off, where does Noel buy his shirts from? Because I have never seen such a great wardrobe on a man (other than Harry Styles obvs).

There we go. Thats my 12 things tag. Im not quite sure how fun that was to read but it was nice to do a different sort of tag post where I can just talk about anything and everything.








  1. I was literally reading this post and thinking 'OMG me too!' about everything you mentioned!
    Good luck with your driving test, it is a very intense thing to do, but incredibly worth it in the end!

    Danielle xx

    1. OMG thats so mad! Thank you, I actually passed it and I am so happy. It was definitely worth doing xx