Chronic Pain Essentials and Tips

Suffering with chronic pain is beyond horrible! I have ME and fibromyalgia so I get a lot of generalised pain in my ribs, shoulder and especially in my back but Ive found quite a few things that help me out especially in the winter months when I get bad flare ups but it definitely doesn't get rid of the pain completely but it makes it bearable.

Heating pad
This is one thing I couldnt live without! I barely go a day without using this, its actually a miracle worker. My mum bought mine from Argos maybe 2 years ago for around £20 and it has 5 different heat settings so you can decide how hot you want it. Laying on this instanlty eases my back pain and it keeps you warm so its a win-win.

Heated blanket
Oh my god if you dont have a heated blanket then what are you doing with your life?! A heated blanket is one of the nicest luxuries out there in my eyes. There is nothing worse than climbing into a cold bed so when I go and brush my teeth and wash my face I like to turn the blanket on under my duvet and then when its time to get into bed its nice and cozy and warm. Its amazing!

Epsom salt baths
Im a huge fan of hot baths and they help me to relax so much when I am in a lot of pain. Sometimes Im too sore to climb into the bath but when I do, I obsiously have to add some Lush prpducts but I also like to add a handful of epson salts. Epson salts detox, purify and cleanse your body and are suppose to be really great for pain. Im writing a blog post all about epsom salts and its health benefits coming up so keep your eyes open for that.

Thermals are a new and very sexy addition to my wardrobe. I can never warm up and as t is tbe middle of winter it is freezing outside and thermals keep you so warm. I didnt think they would keep you as toasty as they do. I pretty much wear a thermal top everyday and its made such a big difference. Primark sell some white and black thermal vest and long sleeved tops and leggings that are really cheap and soft and I plan on buying some next time I go into the shop.

Deep Heat Patches
These are such a life saver when you are out and about and cant lie down on a heating pad. They are drug-free patches designed to soothe and warm tense and sore muscles with its heat and pain therapy. They are long lasting pads that can ease pain for up to 16 hours. These are really handy to have and although they aren't as good as a heating pad or a hot water bottle they are great to have as a back up in your handbag or in your car.

I hope some of these tips help you out if you suffer with chronic pain. If you have any other tips and tricks please let me know, Im always open to trying new things.


  1. I nodded along in agreement to all of these! If you don't mind me asking, have you ever been tested for Lyme Disease? xx


    1. Im not sure if I have. Ive been tested for so many different things over the years that its hard to keep track of everything. xx

  2. I can not imagine how hard it must be to suffer with chronic pain. I have a really bad back and my heating blanket is a life saver when I need it!

    Danielle xx

    1. Heating blankets are possibly the greatest invention since sliced bread! Xx

  3. It must be awful living with chronic pain, I feel for you. All the above is an amazing list for those who suffer! I hope it helps them out <3

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