Little Ways To Waste Less in 2018

I am very passionate about looking after our planet. We were always taught in school different ways and diffferent things we can do to look after the environment and for as long as I can remember we have always recycled in our house and mum has always preached about recycling and wasting less. It makes me so happy that so many people are now speaking up about global warming and sharing different ways we can all help out. After all, if we dont do something about it who will? So after doing a poll on twitter last week, today I am sharing a couple of really easy and realistic ways to waste less this year.

Always take reusable shopping bags with you food shopping
This is a common sense tip but its surprising how many people still buy plastic bags everytime thry go food shopping instead of using bags for life. We have used reuasable bags to go shopping for years and we’ve made a conscious effort like most people to always take those bags with you since shops charge you 5p per bag. I try to keep a bag or two in the boot of my car as back up because theres nothing worse than going to shop and realising you left your reusable bags at home!

Stop buying plastic bottles
This is absolutely crazy but it takes around 450 years for plastic bottles to break down! Sometimes you cant help but buy plastic bottles when you are out and about but this year Im making an effort to stop buying bottles of water unless its absolutely neseccary and Im going to start bringing water out with me and just imagine how much money you’ll save by doing that!

Ditch the makeup wipes
I was a massive fan of makeup removing wipes and I still am but they are so bad for the environment because they take such a long time to decompose. Instead, use a makeup removing lotion or oil and a damp flannel/wash cloth to get rid of your makeup and when you’re done just throw the flannel in with your laundry. Its cheaper than buying new face wipes every few weeks and its so much better for the planet.

Stop buying fruit & veg in plastic bags
Now I know this isnt always something you can do but what I mean is instead of buying a bunch of bananas in a plastic bag buy the bunch without any bag or packaging. Its a really easy thing to do and will save so much plastic in the long run.

No more plastic strawers
Im sure you’ve seen that horrible video of a plastic straw being stuck in that turtles nose and how horrendus it was. Since that video was posted its gotten so many people taking and has stopped people from buying plastic strawers. Somehow they all seem to end up in the sea hurting and killing different animals. An easy way to stop this from happening is buying paper straws because they are biodegradable or reuasable stainless steel straws you wash after using. Amazon sell a pack of 8 for only £6.99 with free delivery on Prime. 

Bamboo toothbrush
If everyone made the switch to a bamboo toothbrush it would make a massive difference to our planet. Bamboo is a fast growing plant so its sustainable and its also biodegradable unlike your regular plastic toothbrush.

Take reusable cups to coffee shops
Those famous Starbucks take out cups you get your coffee in take over 50 years to disappear! I dont know about you but I assumed they would take far less time to decompose because they are cardboard but the lining that keeps your drinks hot is what takes ages to disappear. Using my own reusable cup is something I have never done but its really important and I think everyone should try to make an effort in doing. So next time you go to Starbucks or Costa for your coffee fix take a travel mug with you. They often knock some money off your coffee too.

Switch to shampoo bars
Shampoo bars are a simple and easy way to start wasting less because you dont have the plastic bottles and are usually sold in paper bags. They last far longer than bottles of shampoos. Lush sell some really great ones at a good price and for all different hair types. My personal faves are “New” (which is great for hair growth) and “Honey I Washed The Kids” shampoo bars.

There we go. Those are some easy ways to waste less in 2018. I really hope some of these tips are usefull and let me know some ways you are trying to be more green this year.

Photo is from Pexels,com


  1. There are so many small things that we can do, I am trying to be better this year!

    Danielle xx

  2. I know, its easy when you really think about it. Good, thats great to hear! Xx