Lush 'Big' Shampoo

I love trying out new shampoo from Lush and this one had been on my wishlist for so many months that I had to treat myself to a tub of it. Lush do really great cruelty-free and Vegan shampoos and usually I go for the shampoo bars (Im currently testing out the Jason and The Argan Oil one) because they are travel friendly and its what Im used to now. But after reading so any different reviews about this shampoo I had to test it out for myself.

So Ive been using this shampoo for a couple of weeks now alongside the shampoo bar and I LOVE it. Its a product I will definitely be repurchasing down the line and its a shower necessity.

What does it do?
According to the Lush website this shampoo is made "to make you feel like a mermaid". And, I mean who hasnt wanted to feel like a mermaid at least once in their life?! Its a seaweed and sea salt based shampoo with lemon and lime to make hair look shiny, extra virgin coconut oil to soften the hair cuticle and the sea salt lifts the hair cuticle to create extra volume to flat hair. The sea salt also acts as an exfoliant so its great if you use a lot of hair product or have an issue with a dry scalp.

This shampoo comes in 3 different sizes. The smallest tub is 130g for £6.95, you get 330g of product in the medium sized tub for £13.95 or you could buy the large tub which contains a massive 600g for £23.95.

First impressions
From the first use I knew this shampoo would become my new favourite hair product and it smells d-e-l-i-c-i-o-u-s! I knew it would be a good shampoo because it is such a big seller but I honestly didnt think it would be this good. I have a long bob so I only need to use a tiny bit of this shampoo and it lathers better than most shampoos Ive tried in my life. The sea salt chunks feel a little bit odd in the beginning and I was worrying if it was going to rinse out or not but it does. I have relatively fine and very straight hair but I have a lot of it so it can lack volume but when I use this shampoo I definitely get more volume and texture to my hair. It leaves my hair feeing really clean and it removes any build up of product and dry shampoo and I use a lot of dry shampoo! And the best thing about this shampoo is it doesnt make my hair greasy and I get to reach day 2 hair.

I give this shampoo a 10/10 and Ive been recommending it to everyone. If you lack volume in your hair or you have a lot of build up then you should run down to Lush now and buy a small tub to try out. I bet you wont be disappointed with it!

Have you tried this shampoo out before and if not is it something you would ever try out?


  1. I'd love to try this! I have quite flat and fine hair too so I'd love to give it a big more volume and texture. Is it not a pain being in a tub rather than a squirty bottle?xx

    Lucy |

    1. It can be annoying when you don't have long to shower but otherwise its fine x

  2. Ooh, it sounds really fabulous! I'm tempted to try it! xx

    Beautylymin| SummerBodyPrepBundleGiveaway

  3. This sounds incredible, I am going to have to pick it up and treat myself!

    Danielle xx