5 Products To Try From Soap & Glory

Soap & Glory has been one of my favourite brands for years and years now. Their products are great, they smell absolutely delish and they always nail their packaging. I remember my friends and I would only ask for their gift sets for Christmas when we were teenagers and my Mum still buys me a small set every year. Its a brand I probably will never get bored of. Ive tried most of their body products and a lot of their makeup and so far I haven't found anything I was disappointed with. But theres a few products I always go back to and re-buy so I want to share them with you. And FIY, Soap & Glory dont test any of their products or ingredients that go into their products on animals. You go Glen Coco!

Sugar Crush body scrub
The Sugar Crush range is my go to for the spring and summer time because its so fruity and every time I smell it I get all nostalgic. This scrub has brown sugar, sweet lime, almond oil and chunky macadamia grains that exfoliate your skin to leave your body looking fresh and smooth. It does a grand job to prep your skin for a fake tan and it gets rid of the dry skin build up you can get on your knees and elbows.

Supercat Skinny Easy Precision liquid eyeliner
Ive tried quite a few liquid eyeliners over the years and this one is by far my favourite. As its name says, its an easy precision black liquid liner with a felt tip pen. I know not everyone is a massive fan of felt tip eyeliners but as someone who absolutely sucks at doing eyeliner *oops* it makes me look like Im actually semi-good at it. It doesn't bleed or fade like some liquid liners do and it lasts all day even on my oily eyelids and it only costs £7.

The Righteous body butter lotion
I think this is the first product I ever tried from Soap & Glory. Its the product that fired up my love for the brand! This body butter lotion is a shea butter (my personal fave) and almond oil based moisturiser that leaves your skin super soft and moisturised for 24hours. I love the standard body butter version of this but I prefer the lotion because it comes in a bottle with a pump. Im all about convenience if you couldn't tell.

Clean On Me body wash
This shower gel is one of my shower staples. It comes in a massive 500ml bottle with a convenient pump and I always have a bottle of it ready in my bathroom. Its a creamy and clarifying shower gel with built in body lotion thats ideal if you are lazy like I am and never moisturise after having a shower. It has Soap & Glorys signature fresh mandarin scent and it lathers really nicely. Theres nothing that annoys me more than a body wash that doesnt lather. I just dont feel like its cleaning me unless it lathers.

Heel Genius foot cream
Holy-moly! I really love this foot cream. I dont have particularly bad dry skin on my feet but in the summer they definitely get very dry and flakey from wearing sandals and this cream is the only thing Ive found that keeps my feet from getting like that. Soap & Glory recommend you apply some of this cream to your clean feet before bed and slip on a pair of fluffy socks to let it soak in and absorb fully into your tootsies overnight. Its a aqua blue coloured cream, its non-greasy and it leaves my feet feeling silky soft. Oh and like all of their products it smells amazing too.

If you are a fan of Soap & Glory like I am, what is your go-to favourite product?







  1. This brand has been on my wish list. The body scrub sounds really nice and I love the ingredients that you listed are in there.
    Great post!

    Sheer Beauty Blog

    1. You have to try it! Its the best body scrub Ive ever tried. x

  2. I really need to try the stuff I haven't yet tried on this list haha. I agree, that eyeliner is the best like it makes me seem like I can actually do eyeliner lol! xxx


    1. The eyeliner is amazing and I never hear anyone else talking about it for some reason. It definitely makes using eyeliner so much easier! X

  3. I love their body scrub, I cannot be without in my bathroom!

    Danielle xx