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Summer Makeup Favourites

I know summer is basically over but I still wanted to get this post up. So with this heatwave we've had this year Ive had to completely switch out some of my makeup products.  But lets be honest, it doesnt take much for me to try out new makeup or spend money on makeup. I am a makeup addict, thats why I started this blog in the first place. I have been a bit better this year when it comes to buying makeup so my bank account isnt looking as sad.

Estee Lauder Double Wear Light
This is my first and favourite summer must have product. I wrote a full review on this foundation a couple of weeks ago so if you want to know more about this product click here. But for a quick summary this foundation is great! Its a light weight version of the classic Double Wear foundation (my go to) so you get the coverage, the same staying power in a lighter formula and its a semi-matte finish. I took this base with me to Ibiza and it lasted really well in the heat and you can barely feel it on your skin. I like to apply it with a wet Real Techniques sponge to really melt the product into my skin to give an even more natural look. I have the shade 1.0 which is one of the lightest shades because I am pale af but it gives me such a nice finish so I dont look sickly like the original Double Wear foundation can.

Makeup Revolution concealer
This is another one of my holy grail products. I actually need to buy a new one because mine ran out last week. The hype around this product is real! I also have a post all about this concealer, you can click here to read it. Apparently its a dupe to the Tarte Shape Tape concealer but Ive never tried it so I cant say. But its a lovely high coverage concealer that actually covers my dark circles! It lasts all day on your skin without creasing as long as you set it with some powder. It also makes a great base for eyeshadows. The only downfall with this product is it can feel heavy on your skin especially towards the end of the day.

Benefit Highbeam
Ive wanted to try this highlighter out for years and although Benefit isnt cruelty free its still a brand I will occaisionally buy from (please go cruelty-free benefit!!). I bought the mini version to test out and I love it. Its a beautiful pearly liquid highlight thats perfect for all skintones. It even looks great on my pale skin! This is now my go to highlight because it looks so much more natural than powder highlight but it can definitely be built up too to get that blinding instagram highlighted look.

Lush Bubblegum lip scrub
So for some reason I get super dry lips year round. It doesnt matter what the weathers doing my lips will always be chapped and it drives me crazy. I couldnt live without my Lush lip scrub. It tastes yummy, it leaves a slight tint to your lips and does a great job of getting rid of that dead skin. Ive tried making my own lip scrubs in the past but I always go back to buying this one. Nothing quite beats it for me.

Milani Baked Blush in Luminoso 
These baked blushers are very popular and are my favourite blushers out there. Its the only Milani prouduct Ive tried and I love it. Luminoso is a beautiful peachy-pink nude blush with shimmers throughout. I use this as a blush/bronzer to really warm up my face and give me a healthy sunkissed glow. This comes in 10 shades and costs £10 on BeautyBay.com which is where I buy the majority of my makeup. The reason I love this blush so much is because its so pigmented an dit actually lasts all day on your skin. It doesnt fade throughout the day and most importantly its not a super powdery powder so its doesnt make your face look cakey. The next shade I want to buy is Corallina which is more of a red/orange blush and Ive never tried anything like that before.

Benefit Hoola bronzer
Ive had this bronzer for such a long time but its only this summer that Ive really fallen in love with it! Ive barely made a dent into it even though I have had it for such a long time. Its a matte finish so its perfect for contouring and for bronzing up the face. I use it more as a bronzer because honestly I cba to contour I’d rather embrace my round face. Its easy to go overboard with this bronzer because its so pigmented so make sure you start with a little bit of product. You can always build it up but you cant take it away without starting your makeup over again. This is great for medium to deep skintones but if you have very light skintone like I do in the winter I’d recommend trying the light version instead. I will probably be buying it once my very slight tan fades.

What are your must have summer beauty products?







  1. I've been wanting to try the lush lip scrubs for the longest time!

    Candice | NatalyaAmour.com

    1. They are worth every penny. I couldnt not have one now x

  2. I love that hoola bronzer, and the makeup revolution concealer as well as the milani blush! x


    1. They are really good products. I must repurchase the makeup revolution concealer asap. I miss using it!

  3. Ooh I love this post! I love Hoola and the bubblegum lip scrub and they'd make my list too. I've tried the normal Double Wear and the full coverage and love them both so I'll have to try the light- thanks for the recommendations!

    Soph - https://sophhearts.com/ x

    1. Thank you so much :) I really recommend the light version. You'll love it if you love the original double wear x

  4. Benefit's Hoola is one of my favourites and it's taken me so long to hit pan on it! It's such a great bronzer x

    Lauren | itslaurenvictoria.co.uk

    1. Its so good and you get so much for your money :) x

  5. I love Luminoso so much! It just gives a gorgeous warm, peachy look that's great during the summer months :)

    Jasmine xx

    Jasmine Talks Beauty