The Vegan Makeup Edit

I obviously love makeup and I've made an effort over the last year or more to buy only cruelty-free makeup and beauty products. Now Im making an effort to only buy vegan beauty products and because I have bought CF for a long time a lot of them are actually vegan so most of my makeup is vegan already. YASSS! So in this post Im going to share with you vegan makeup products that I actually use and love. 
Milani Baked Blush in Luminoso
I love this blush so much! Ive tried so many different blusher from different brands over the years including ones from MAC and the Milani ones are so much nicer. They are far more pigmented, cheaper and they arent a chalky texture. Majority of the Milani blushers are vegan which is amazing and theres quite a few different shades.

Milani Baked Bronzer in Glow
This is one of my all time favourite makeup products and I wouldnt be able to live without it. It has small shimmers throughout and gives the skin such a beautiful and healthy looking glow and flush of colour. It really warms up the face and brings some life back to your skin after applying foundation. I cant recommend this bronzer enough!

Becca highlighter in Moonstone
Soo many people have raved about the Becca highlighters for years and honestly I felt left out so a while ago I bought the mini version in the shade Moonstone to try out and I love it! I totally get the hype now and I cant wait to try more shades out. This shade works really well for fair skin and it doesnt look chalky or chunky at all.

Kat Von D liquid lipstick in Ophelia
These liquid lipsticks are incredible! They do not budge off your lips. You can eat, drink and go all day without touching your lipsticks up. It dries very quickly and dries super matte. I'd rather it wasnt so dry but thats how you get the staying power. I just make sure to put lip balm on before and after applying it to stop my lips from looking crusty. EW!

Too Faced Better Than Sex mascara
When it comes to mascara I like it to make my lashes really stand out and look voluminous. This formula is on the drier side so it makes applying it so much easier and the brush is nice and big. 

Too Faced Born This Way foundation
I bought this foundation back in the summer when we had a heatwave and while it makes my skin look flawless and glowy it didnt hold up in my tzone. It would melt off and stick to all of my small dry patches and really emphasised my pores. But now that the weathers much colder this foundation works so much better with my skin. I like to apply some sort of oil before I apply my foundation (I love almond oil and I have a post coming up on it very soon) even though I have combination/oily skin but it gives your makeup a great base and its so good for your skin. 

Too Faced Melted lipsticks in Melted Nude & Melted Strawberry
I love these lipsticks so much. I remember being so exited when these were released because I love Too Faced and the shade range was beautiful. I am such a sucker for a nude lipstick and Melted Nude suits my skin tone so well. Its a nude that would suit all skin tones because it doesnt have a super grey base to it that washes you out. It has great staying power and its not as dry as the Kat Von D lipsticks. The shade Melted Strawberry is another beautiful shade. Its a super bright red and it makes your teeth look so white. 

Urban Decay All Nighter setting spray
This was the first setting spray I ever tried and I have gone through a few bottles over the years. I even bought a mini one to take travelling with me. It has a really fine mist so it doesnt leave blobs of product on your face like some setting sprays can and it sets your makeup really well. I couldn't not use this setting spray and I definitely miss it if I dont use it for some reason. 

Urban Decay primer potion
The Urban Decay primer potion was one of my first "expensive" makeup products I begged my mum to buy me for Christmas one year. It was the primer to buy a few years ago and in my opinion it is still one of the best ones out there. It makes your eyeshadow last so much longer without creasing and makes all shadows pop more. 

Aspyn Ovard x Pixi glowy powder in Santorini Sunset
Ive spoken a few times about this highlighter in my last few blog post but Im going to write about it again. Aspyn is one of my favourite influencers and I wanted to support her and buy one of her Pixi products. Santorini Sunset is a pretty golden highlighter with very fine shimmers throughout. It gives the skin a really lovely golden hour glow. 

Anastasia Beverly Hills brow wiz in Blonde
Now that Ive had my eyebrows microbladed I dont really need to fill them in but before I had them done I swore by this brow pencil. The fine tip makes is really easy to fill your brows in and it doesnt move all day. It even stays put when you go swimming, I've checked.

Do you own any of these products? If not what vegan makeup do you recommend?


  1. It is so great, that the Too Faced foundation is working now :) Unfortunately I do not own any of these products at the moment, but it was very interesting to read your thoughts on them! Thanks :)
    Lots of love ♥ Janury Girl

    1. Im so glad it works now because it wasnt cheap! Im glad you liked this post :) x

  2. Ah, always wanted to try the melted lippies

    Candice | Natalya Amour

  3. LOVE Luminoso and Born This Way foundation! That bronzer looks beautiful xx


  4. OMG I had no idea that Too Faced was vegan! Such fab products here babe

    Ellie xx

    1. A lot of their products are which is fantastic and its a great brand in general.

  5. I love the Milani blushes, they're so pretty and luminous on the skin xx

    Gemma • Gemma Etc . ❤️

  6. I spot many of my absolute favourites - The urban decay all nighter setting spray, the awesome too faced born this way foundation and those milani baked blushes - All 3 I've loved for years!

    1. Im relatively new to those 3 products but I love them so much!

  7. I am really trying to opt for more vegan/cruelty free brands at the moment, there is so much out there to try!

    Danielle xx

    1. There is. Its surprising how many makeup products are vegan, its great! x

  8. I'm trying to make the change to vegan products and this has given me a whole lot of inspiration! Can't wait to try some of them out :)

    Fatima x

    1. Thats great news! Its not the easiest thing to do but its surprising how many products are vegan x

  9. I absolutely live for Milani, I need to do another order or a haul soon as it's been forever, obviously Luminoso is one of my favourite ever blushers! I didn't know that they were vegan actually! xx

  10. Luminoso is such a gorgeous blush, being cruelty free myself, I am always up for new recommendations! Lovely post!
    Grace xx

  11. I love using cruelty free and vegan makeup Xx

    Arianna |