October Favourites

October has come and gone so its time for another favourites post. Ive switched to a lot of new products this month because my skin has started to get really dry in this cooler weather. I'm also sharing a few of my lifestyle favourites with you because I have a lot this month.

Beauty Favourites

Aspyn Ovard x Pixi Glow-y powder in Santorini Sunset
I mentioned this highlighter in my latest beauty wishlist post and I actually ended up ordering this as soon as I wrote the post. Its a beautiful golden highlight that perfect for all skin tones. I have pretty fair skin and it still look beautiful on me and Aspyn is one of my favourite bloggers and youtubers so I had to support her.

Almond Oil
My youngest sister got me hooked on almond oil a few months ago but over the summer time I stopped using as much but now that the weathers cooler and my skin is dryer I have been reaching for it more often. Its a lightweight oil that full of vitamins E, A and B that fades scars, hydrates, plump and prevents fine lines and wrinkles. It also makes a great hair oil and makeup remover but I personally use it to moisturise my skin before bed.

The Body Shop Vanilla Pumpkin hand cream
This handcream smells delicious! The entire range does but the handcream is my favourite. I keep one in my handbag which comes in handy often because I have really dry hands in the colder months so its good to carry a small handcream with you. I also have the body wash in this scent and its so yummy!

Zoeva blush palette
I've rediscovered my love for this Zoeva blush palette and as you can tell from the photo Ive been using it a lot. I bought this a while ago and its been thrown away at the back of my makeup drawers for a few months now. This is the only thing Ive tried from Zoeva and I love it. I really love the shimmery coral shade because its perfect for my complexion and I love me some shimmer!

Lifestyle Favourites

Aldi No 2 candle
So these Aldi candles are really popular because they are a dupe for the Jo Malone candles that cost and arm and a leg! Ive tried Aldi's candles before and I love them because the scents are lovely and you can still smell the candle hours after you blow it out. The No 2 candle is a Blackberry and Bay scent so its perfect for the autumn time. Oh and the packaging is beautiful and looks great in my bedroom.

Green Tea and honey
So Im on this health kick at the moment to try and improve my overall health so I've been ditching the fizzy and sugary drinks for healthier alternatives. I know honey is controversial for most vegans but I dont actually see anything wrong with using local honey but thays another blog post that probably wont happen. I've never really been a massive fan of green tea, I would force myself to drink it but I never enjoyed it until now. We buy a decaf green tea from Aldi but what makes it really tasty is using local and fresh honey. I buy a big jar from a shop in the village and it tastes amazing. Ive even been choosing green tea and honey over coffee and I love my coffee!

The Doctor's Kitchen by Dr Rupy Aujla
Like I said, Im on a health kick/health journey atm and my nutritionist/herbalist I see recommended this book by Dr Rupy Aujla who is a GP, health speaker and blogger. Its a really interesting book and Ive learnt so much from it. Its has 100 everyday recipes and also explains the importance of having a healthy and nutritious diet. I really recommend this book if you're into health and cooking.

Ellen Fisher
So Ellen is probably my biggest role model when it comes to being a vegan. She is an ethical vegan and has been began for 15 years! She lived on Maui with her husband and 3 beuaitufl children who are all vegan. She shares beautiful videos of their life in Hawaii and she shares amazing healthy vegan recipes. She even has 2 e-books Im going to treat myself to for christmas this year. Her whole outcome and look on life is just so inspirational and she really inspires me. You should definitely check out her youtube channel if you are interested in a vegan lifestyle. Oh and she has a beautiful instagram!

What are some of your favourites from this month?







  1. The Pixi highlighter looks gorgeous! I might get that cookbook! xx


    1. Its such a pretty powder. I highly recommend the book :)

  2. Those blushers look ever so lovely!

    Danielle xx

  3. I'm not a huge fan of highlighters because I feel like it makes me look oily but I want to try some Pixi products soon.
    Rachael | Rachael Latchman Diaries

    1. It definitely can make you look oily if you use too much. Try using a little bit with a small brush and that might help. x