Cosy Winter Essentials

I love lazy, cosy days in the winter time. I hate going out in the cold weather so Im not going to lie, I spend most of my time at home staying warm and cosy. Im going to share some of my cosy winter day essentials with you to hopefully maximise your cosy days.

Warm pjs or loungewear
I buy the majority of my pjs and loungewear from Primark because its really affordable and everything Ive bought has lasted for years and is really soft. I have an amazing pair of fleece lined grey joggers from Primark and they are my go to bottoms for wearing around the house. ASOS also make some really pretty and comfy loungewear if you want to spend a bit more money on it.

And lots of them! You can never have too many blankets on cosy days in. I have a heated blanket from Lakeland which is my saviour in the winter months and I also have a few other fluffy blankets from Dunelm and Next. I honestly couldnt live without soft fluffy blankets and I have a basket full in my room.

I know this is a super basic essential but I had to mention it because candles completely change the mood of a room and instantly adds a touch of cosiness. My personal faves are the candles from Aldi, Yankee Candle Shea Butter and Ikea also do some really nice smelling candles for a really cheap price.

Essential oils
This is something Ive only gotten into over the last 2 years but I love essential oils now. I have a diffuser from Amazon that I like to fill up with water and a blend of oils to add a nice smell to a room. Its a great alternative if you want a natural alternative to candles or even if you want a safer option especially if you have children. You can buy diffusers that have lights and timers so you dont have to worry about turning them off. My personal favourite blend is lavender, eucalyptus and peppermint oil for a cosy day.

Im a big book worm so I don't need an excuse to cosy up with a book. Im currently reading Jane Eyre because I want to read more classics and this one is the first on my list. Its definitely not an easy read but Im really enjoying it. Another book I really recommend is The Couple Next door. Its a real page turner and I finished in a couple of reading sessions. Its a really unpredictable book and I was definitely left gob smacked a few times reading it.

Hot drinks
Obviously you cant have a cosy day without a hot drink. I usually stick to tea or coffee but you could even try a mulled wine to feel festive or different flavoured teas. My aunty and Nana even like to drink hot Ribena if thats more up your alley.

Theres nothing cosier than baking on a cold winters day. Theres so many different yummy Christmas bakes on Pinterest that are easy to make. Theres vegan sugar cookies, gluten free mince pies and you name it there will probably be a recipe for it on Pinterest. I saw a recipe the other day for mince pie cupcakes and thats the next thing I want to bake. Ive only ever made traditional mince pies so it will be fun to make a different type.  

Himalayan salt lamp
My salt lamp is one of my all time favourite things I own. I bought mine from a local department store over the summer and I love it. It has a lot of different health benefits but it also gives off a really soft warm light that makes any room feel cosy.

A good TV show
Ive just finished watching The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina and I loved it. I was a massive fan of the show Sabrina The Teenage Witch as a child so I got really excited when Netflix released this show. I definitely binge watched it with my sister and I will be re watching it over Christmas at some point and I cannot wait for the Christmas special. Another show Im watching on Netflix is The Originals (but I'm only on season 2 so please dont spoil it) which is perfect for a cosy day in.

A Pet to cuddle
Is there anything better than cuddling a pet?! Nope! I have 2 dogs to cuddle up with on a cosy day and they are the best cuddle buddies.

What are some of your essentials for a cosy day in?


  1. I love getting into a good book during the winter too! Although I'm a bit of a bookworm too, I think winter is the time when I read the most :)

    Anika |

    1. Me too. I definitely read the most in the winter x

  2. Blankets and candles are an absolute essential for me at this time of the year!

    Danielle xx