How To Waste Less This Christmas

Christmas is my favourite time of the year and I get so excited for the decorations and the food. But Christmas can be such a wasteful time of year and its only normal for people to buy more than they need and go over the top. Im trying to become more conscious of my waste and what items I actually buy and I its so important for our environment and especially our oceans.

Dont over buy food
The amount of food wasted over the Christmas period is baffling and there are so many people going hungry in the world. I think a lot of us buy more food than we need "just incase" but most of the time we dont need the extra food. As a family we never usually waste any food over Christmas because we eat the leftovers for every meal after Christmas until the food is gone and we are massive foodies. But Hannah McNeely makes a great video about overeating and over purchasing food over the holiday and you can click here to see that video. 

Quality over quantity
Whats the point in spending a couple of pounds on something thats not going to last 5 years? There is no point. It will most likely end up in the landfill. If you can find something thats made from tougher ingredients or looks a nicer quality and its affordable make the swap. And ask yourself before buying, "will they really love and use this gift?"

Buy sustainable gifts
There are so many online stores now that sell sustainable products and gifts. For example, theres a phone case company called Pela where they make 100% compostable, eco friendly and plastic free phone cases. I have one of their phone cases on my Christmas wishlist this year. If you search for sustainable gifts you can find so many different business that sell things like coasters, jewellery, furniture, clothing and so much more.

Reusable products
if you know someone who is trying to waste less, buying them a reusable item is such a good idea. First of all, make sure you check with them what they already own before you buy them a gift. Some great reusable gifts are:

- reusable drinks bottle
- reusable shopping bags
- travel cutlery
- glass food containers
- a good quality metal lunchbox

Buy an experience
What I mean by this is to buy someone a gift voucher for a restaurant they have always wanted to eat at, voucher to see a movie or even an experience like ice-skating or tickets to a concert. This way there is no waste and they get the memories that last a life time rather than a physical item.

Im really interested to see, are you buying more eco-friendly gifts this year? And are you trying to waste less this year?


  1. This is such a great post. I think it is so important to try and reduce waste!

    Danielle xx