What I Got For Christmas 2018

I hope everyone had a lovely Christmas. I had a lovely Christmas day and Boxing day eating yummy food and laughing with my family but now Im in bed trying to get over the flu and sickness. I swear every Christmas I catch every bug going! :( Anyways, I've always loved seeing what others get for Christmas (because Im nosey) and I wanted to do my own post this year. Im going to share some of my main presents with you all. I haven't taken photos of everything because I was already using some of the gifts and Im not a great photographer (I use that term very lightly btw!).

Pandora jewellery box 
This was something I'd had my eye on for months and months. I didnt have a proper jewellery box, I was just using a mirrored box before getting this and I didnt have a place for my jewellery. I love this box because it has a section for you to display your Pandora charms you arent wearing. 

Yankee Candle Pink Sand candle
I love this scent so much! Its actually what the air freshner I use in my car and I already have a medium size of this candle and I love it so much. Its a really fresh floral scent and plus it matches my room. 

Next Rose gold flamingo ring holder
I love rose gold and my mum knows it. She bought me this cute little ring holder as a stocking stuffer and I love it. Its really cute and again it matches the theme of my bedroom.

Marie Claire 12 month subscription
Magazine subscriptions are such good gift ideas for everyone. My auntie got me a 12 month subscription of Marie Claire and Im really excited to read them. I dont buy myself magazines very often so this is a really nice treat. 

New Look dressing gown
Im wearing this dressing gown right now and OMG it is so soft and comfy. Its one of the softest dressing gowns Ive ever owned. Its like wearing a blanket!

'Epic Raw Food' and 'Epic Vegan Food' ebooks
Ellen Fisher is my role model for so many different things and Ive been wanting to buy her ebooks for well over a year now so this was my present for myself. She is a beautiful mother and ethical vegan who lives in Hawaii and she is so inspiring and motivating. She has some great health tips and amazing recipes in these books. I cant wait to try some of them out especially the vegan nacho cheese. YUM!

Michelle Obama autobiography
I really look up to the Obamas and when I saw that Michelle had written a book I had to get it! This was the one thing I really really wanted to get this Christmas so well done Mum. 

Rose gold glass coffee cafetiere
My mum and dad bought me this with a cute lama mug from New Look and some decaf coffee because Ive been going on about getting a coffee press for months now. I think my mum was sick of hearing about it honestly! Ive yet to use this because Ive been feeling sick and coffee is the last thing Ive wanted to drink but I cant wait to try it. And again its rose gold which is my favourite!

Those were some of my Christmas gifts this year. Im so grateful and I cant wait to use all of these things.

What did you get for Christmas?


  1. Sounds like you had a wonderful Christmas, I hope that you had a lovely new year too!

    Danielle xx

    1. I did. I hope you had a great christmas and new years too x

  2. You got so many gorgeous gifts! I love the ring holder and I think a magazine subscription is a fab gift! xx


    1. Thank you. Yes a magazine subscription is a great gift idea. X