Lush ‘No Drought’ Dry Shampoo Review

I showed this dry shampoo in my last blog post which was a Lush haul and I said how excited I was to try out this dry shampoo because it smells delicious and I was bored of my regular dry shampoo. Ive been using it now since I bought it so its time for a review.

First, I'll talk about the positives mainly because unfortunately its not a very long list. It smells absolutely amazing! If you love citrus scents like I do then you will love this. Its made with grapefruit and lime oil so it smells very fresh and clean. You get a lot of product for the price too. The small bottle (thats 100% recyclable btw) is only £5.75 for 50g of product and £10.50 for 115g of product. And thats about it for the positives.

Now for the negatives. Grab yourself a cuppa because we're going to be here for a while guys. I just don't like this dry shampoo. I have oily fine hair so I need to use dry shampoo every single day that I skip a wash so I need a lot of dry shampoo. I personally didn't find that it absorbs the oils like my normal go-to dry shampoo does and thats really disappointing. I find that I have to sprinkle loads of product into my hair and it still doesn't do a great job. It also leaves my hair looking really chalky no matter how much I brush it and then that makes my hair go all staticky. Its also very messy which I expected because it isn't a spray but it is an inconvenience and it gets all over you. So if you use it be sure to apply it before you are wearing your outfit for the day. I have light hair and it leaves a residue so I doubt it would work well at all on dark hair.

Sorry Lush, but I am just really not a fan of this dry shampoo. I think this is the first product from Lush that Ive actually hated! Maybe it would work better for people who don't have super greasy,fine  and light hair.

It absolutely love the scent but I wouldn't recommend this dry shampoo to anyone unless they like the mess that comes along with it. I will be using up the rest of the bottle probably as a texturising powder when I curl my hair but I wont be using it as a dry shampoo. I'll stick to my faithful Batiste dry shampoo from now on.

Have you tried this dry shampoo before? Does it work for you?


  1. I am long over due for a lush haul! I use to purchase from them so often but I sort of fell off the wagon. I'm in need of a major bath bomb splurge.

    1. I could do with buying a bunch of bath bombs too! X

  2. I think I might have to stick with my good old Batiste!

    Danielle xx