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This is such an exciting post!! Its one that I didnt think I would make for a while but like they say, "theres no time like the present". If you've been folowing me for a while then you'll know that I've been "beautylifebecca" from day one. Its a basic blog name that was perfect for what I was blogging about and it was inspired by a youtuber I used to follow years ago who went by the username "beautylifemichelle".  But its time for a fresh start and I hope you're looking forward to this relaunch.

Over the past year or so Ive been super unmotivated to blog and I kept feeling like I had to post a certain type of "popular" content when I didn't even want to. I'm going to start posting more of what I want to post rather than whats trending at the moment. My passions have changed since I started my blog too and its not all about beauty and makeup anymore. Im really into home decor, self care, chronic illness and veganism now so those are some things I want to incorporate even more here.

I want to be excited about blogging again because I really do love it and its such a fun and easy hobby that I can do from bed even on my really bad flare up days. I used to have a separate instagram. facebook page and twitter for my blog but it was too much for me to keep up with so now I only have one instagram and one twitter account all at @beccamfletcher so its much easier to find and for me to keep up with. I made seperate accounts in the beginning because I didnt want people in real life to know about my blog but now I couldnt care less. I just want blogging to be casual and fun again.

I'm going to aim to post 1-2 times a week on Mondays and Thursdays but I cant promise anything because my health has been really unpredictable recently and some days I cant even make myself a drink let alone type on a laptop all day. I might even do a separate post on that soon. I would also like to write more about chronic health because Ive realised that most of the time I look for posts on chronic health for help and tips and I know Im not the only one who does that. Hopefully I can share what helps me and what Ive learnt over the years with other #spoonies and chronic illness warriors (yes, we are warriors because being chronically ill fucking sucks and we deserve a medal!).

If theres any posts you'd like to see then please let me know. I have a few lined up for the next few weeks but I'd love some inspiration and to hear some of your suggestions.

I would also love to read some new blogs so please leave your links and the links to your favourite blogs for me to check out.

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