My Dressing Table | Room Tour

I posted a picture of my dressing table on instagram a few days ago (follow me @beccamfletcher) and I loved the way it turned out. I thought it would be fun to kick off my room tour series with my dressing table because I am obsessed with all things beauty and home decor of course.

My dressing table is from Ikea and I had it for a birthday present a few years ago. I love this dressing table so much. It looks expensive and its so classy and elegant. It also matches the rest of my white bedroom furniture and the theme of my room. The faux sheep skin rug and stool are both from Ikea too.

I try to keep my dressing table as clear and minimal as I can mainly because I HATE clutter. The clear drawers are from a stationary shop and they fit perfectly between the two drawers on the dresser. It was like they were made for this dressing table! I keep my lipsticks in the clear drawers and I love the way it looks plus its easy to search through my millions of lipsticks. I keep my favourite yankee candle which is the scent Pink Sands and I have my makeup brushes in 2 small flower pots from- you guessed it, Ikea.

I also like to keep a smaller mirror on my dressing table because my eyesight sucks! I cant see what Im doing in the big mirror because I have to have my face right up to the mirror so this small light up Revlon mirror is great. The only bad things about it is that its really bulky and its so difficult to turn the light on so eventually I'd like a new mirror that is easier to use, less bulky and has a better light.

What do you keep on your dressing table?

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