3 New Makeup Favourites

left- Super Cindy | right- Bitch Perfect
I am so excited to share these few new favourites. I am so in love with my new Charlotte Tibury lipsticks and this new NYX primer I found on Cult Beauty. Ive been looking for a good cruelty free face primer for ages and I have finally found one!

NYX Angle Veil primer
First, Im going to talk about the amazing NYX Angel Veil face primer. Other than the Benefit Porefessional primer Ive never found a face primer that actually works and this one is cruelty free too! If you know me then you'll know just how passionate I am about cruelty free beauty and makeup products so to find another holy grail makeup product that CF makes me so happy. 
This primer is the perfect base for me. I have combination skin so I get oily but I also have a lot of patchy dry skin, mainly around my nose and forehead. This primer smooths and blurs your face and makes a perfect base for your foundation. Its a white coloured primer that blends perfectly into your skin and leaves your face feeling velvety smooth. I notice a huge difference in how long my foundation lasts when I use this primer and how well it lasts and looks. I wish I'd bought it sooner and for only £14! Im going to be recommending it to everyone!

Charlotte Tilbury lipstick in 'Super Cindy'
I love a good nude lip and I cant stop buying different nude lipsticks to try out. Ive been eyeing up this vegan formula lipstick from Charlotte Tilbury for ages now because its the perfect muted nude for everyday wear. I wore this for my birthday dinner last weekend and it lasted throughout the entire meal which was amazing and surprising. Although this is a matte finish it leaves your lips feeling soft and hydrated. It doesn't dry your lips out like other lipsticks do which is great for me because I always have dry lips.

Charlotte Tilbury lipstick in 'Bitch Perfect'
Ive wanted this lipstick ever since I started my blog a few years ago and now I finally own it. Its another beautiful everyday nude and I know what you're thinking, "it looks exactly the same as the other lipstick!" But its not. Its slightly different- just trust me here. This is more of a lighter coloured peach nude creamy lipstick so its not a matte finish like 'Super Cindy' is. I know these lipsticks aren't cheap at £24 a go but they are well worth the money to me and you definitely get what you pay for. And they come in the most beautiful rose gold tube.

Have you ever tried any of these makeup products before?

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