Spring Fashion Inspo

Im so excited that spring is finally here. Although our weather here is a bit confused at the moment. Last week it was 17 degrees and I was wearing sandles and a top but skip forward a few and we’ve had snow! I wish the weather would just make up its mind.

So Ive started dressing for spring but now we’re back into winter clothes. Hopefully it doesnt last too long because I have so much fashion inspo on printerest for spring this year and I dont know about you but Im fed up of wearing heavy coats and scarves.

Ive decided I need to step up my fashion game and be more adventurous and wear more colur. I do tend to stick to my neutrals but I want to start wearing colour and trying new styles. Some of my favourite style icons are right now are Blake Lively, Aspyn Ovard and Keren Swan. I like more of a carefree and comfy style these days. Anything thats uncomfortable can just go. I also prefer more girly styles right now compared to the all black and leather jackets I liked a few years ago. And as you'll see, Im a massive fan of spots and stripes!

Who's your style inspo? And I'd love to know where you shop because I need to buy some new clothes soon.

You can check out my spring fashion board on Pinterest here. Of course none of these photos are mine and full credit goes to their rightful owners.

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