5 Podcasts Im Loving

Podcasts are really popular right now. Celebrities are making them, influencers and making them and the great thing is anyone can start their own podcast. Theres a podcast out there for everything and everyone.
Ive been listening to a lot of great podcasts around the house lately instead of listening to music and Ive found 5 that I am obsessed with and cant stop listening to.

As For Me And My House
Milena and Jordan Ciciotti are a husband and wife who started a Christian based podcast a few months ago.  Milena has a great youtube channel all about faith, style, beauty and lifestyle. They are new parents to a beautiful baby girl and they share an insight into their life and their faith. Its really interesting to listen to and they are both so sweet and kind. They have shared podcasts about how to study the Bible and his take on waiting until marriage. While I dont agree with all of their beliefs I respect them and like hearing their thoughts and views.

Be A Youtuber They Said
I have been waiting very impatiently for this podcast for months and it did not disappoint! Keren and Khoa are two of my favourite youtubers and they started this podcast to talk about behind the scenes of their youtube channel and their career. They are funny and it feels like you are listening to your two best friends talking. I was hooked after only a few minutes of the first episode all about Kerens new dream car which happens to be a beautiful white Audi R8.

Food For Thought
This was the first vegan podcast I started listening to and in my opinion its the best one out there. Its hosted by Colleen Patrick-Goudreau also known as the Joyful Vegan on instagram. Shes an incredible vegan activist and author who shares the facts about veganism and the compassion that comes with it. Ive learnt so much about veganism and the environment from this podcast and I cant recommend it enough especially if you are curious about a vegan lifestyle or you are new to veganism.

Girls Gotta Eat
This is my newest obsession. This podcast is hilarious and it great to listen to if you need a good laugh and a boost. Girls Gotta Eat is a podcast run by Rayna Greenberg (@onehungryjew) and Ashley Hesseltine (@brosbeingbasic) who share their dating stories and dating advice. Its definitely a NSFW podcast but its relatable and seriously entertaining.

Deliciously Ella: The Podcast
Deliciously Ella is one of my favourite people and her podcast is great. Its a health and wellness podcast hosted by Ella and her husband Matthew Mills. Ive been following her for ages now but Ive only recently been listening to her podcast consistently. She has some great guest like Fearne Cotton, doctors and nutritionists and they've done amazing episodes about skincare, dealing with stress, climate change, tips for living a balanced vegan diet and mental health. They cover so many different topics so there is always an episode to suit everyone.

Do you listen to podcasts? If so, what is your favourite podcast?

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