Handbag Essentials

These types of blog posts are some of my favourite to read because its interesting to see what everyone else carries around with them. I think I carry around move than I probably should but I actually do use these things. 

Accessorise Queen Bee makeup bag
This makeup bag was a birthday gift from my siblings and I love it! Its faux leather and big enough for me to fit everything I need in my bag and all in one place. Before I had this all of my necessities were in two small makeup bags and floating around the bottle of my bag. It was a nightmare!

The Body Shop Pumpkin Spice hand cream
I know this is an autumn product but I really love the scent so I've kept it in my bag to use up. My hands get tight after washing them often so its really handy to have hand cream with me. 

Charlotte Tilbury lipstick
I usually carry around my lipstick of the day to top up and right now my favourite is the shade Super Cindy. Its a taupey-nude lipstick in a comfortable matte finish. Its inspired by 90's beauty and its perfect for springtime.

Pixi tinted lip balm
Because one lip product just isnt enough. This tinted lip balm is actually lovely because its the perfect combination of a lipstick and a lip balm. I get dry lips so carrying a lip balm around with me is a lifesaver. The amount of times Ive been out and forgotten my lip balm and Ive ended up buying a new one is ridiculous so now I always try to have one in my bag.

Soap & Glory hand sanitiser
I cant go without a hand sanitiser, its a real necessity. This Soap & Glory one smells nice and I use it a lot when Im out especially after using a public toilet (which I hate btw!). 

Dove spray deodorant 
I always carry a spray deodorant with me for obvious reasons. Its just handy to have. 

NYX blotting tissues
Blotting sheets are so handy to have on hand and so underrated in my opinion. I always carry some around with me to blot through out the day. These ones are from NYX but honest any brand of blotting paper is just fine.

Mini hair brush
My hair is quite fine so anytime I go out in the wind my hair ends up being a right mess so I have to carry a hair brush with me. This little one is either from Primark or Wilkinsons. 

Small hair clips
These are the best little clips Ive tried. They actually hold my hair up and they are small enough to take everywhere. Mine are from New Look and I have a few sets that I use to do my hair and I have some lying around everywhere really.

What things do you carry with you in your bag?

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