We Need To Stop Fast fashion

I spent all of last night not being able to sleep after listening to the Deliciously Ella podcast with Livia Firth on sustainable fashion followed by watching the netflix documentary The True Cost straight afterwards.

I have know for a while now that fast fashion is bad and that shops like H&M, New Look and Primark are bad but I had no idea just how awful they are. Maybe I was ignorant because I knew it was bad but I continued to buy from them because I liked their clothes and they are cheap.

If you are like me and had no idea the extent of how awful fast fashion is then I really recommend you watch The True Cost on netflix ASAP and then read this post. Grab a cup of tea or coffee because this is going to be a long one.

There are thousands of people around the world from third world countries who are forced to work in cramped, bad conditions for a crappy wage just so these massive factories and clothing companies can make a massive profit. These companies basically just pray on the poor and vulnerable people and its disgusting.

We literally buy clothing thats been bled into just because its trendy and cheap. That is so f***ed up, its more than ridiculous really! People in third world countries are treated like slaves in poor conditions for such a pathetic wage that its just insulting. They work so hard and end up risking their lives everyday from the awful factories they are put in because none of these buildings are built safely and the guards and staff treat them so cruelly. Companies convince us that we need to buy new clothes just to be cool and to make us feel happy. But that happiness from buying a £10 dress from Primark only lasts a fraction of time and the dress itself wont last more than a few washes if it even gets worn enough to be washed more than once and then it ends up being donated or thrown away to the landfill where it lets of toxic gases and stays there for years and years.

One thing Livia Firth spoke about that has really stuck with me is “how can we call ourselves feminists when we support women all over the world working in poor conditions risking their lives for a small monthly wage just so we can wear nice clothes?" And that is so true. Most of us are proud feminists but are we really a feminist if we keep buying from these massive clothing chains that are supporting the fast fashion industry and letting thousands of women around the world be taken advantage of. We would be better feminists if we supported local businesses and fairtrade companies that pay women fairy and treat them with care. I can confidently say that if there was a sweat shop in the UK that hired venerable women to work in cramped and badly built buildings with no fresh air, bars on the windows, and 2 toilet breaks a day there would be a massive stink about it and it wouldn't be allowed. So why should we let it happen in another country? Just because we cant see it doesnt mean its not happening and doesnt make it ok.

What can we do?
Theres a great page on the truecostmovie.com website where they share 5 keys tips for everyone to follow to make a difference. The one that stands out for me is asking yourself before you buy something "am I going to wear this 30 times?" If the answer is no, then dont buy it. Its such a simple rule that anyone can follow to cut down on the amount of fast fashion is bought and it will save you money. Only buy something that you really, really love, is well made, good quality and that you know you will wear over and over again. You can read more about this here. 

Sustainable clothing brands
There are hundreds and hundreds of sustainable clothing brands out there that arent talked about or shared enough. In general the clothes you will buy from these companies will be more expensive but thats because they are paying their employees fairly and are using sustainable and good quality products that will last a life time. Here are some brands to check out:

People Tree
Red Earth
Stella McCartney 

I personally cant wait to buy from People Tree because its not too expensive and everything looks soft and cozy and I am all for that. From now on, I am going to change the way I shop and follow the 5 tips truecostmovie.com recommend to buy better. We all can make such a huge different to our neighbours and our planet just by shopping smarter.

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