My Self Care Routine

Everyone needs to take some time to their self every week or so to keep a healthy mindset and to destress and chill out. Self care has been such a big topic over the last couple of years which is great because most people will make sure to take care of everyone around them but forget about themselves. Its easily done but we all need to remember to take some time out for ourselves to recharge.

Everyones self care routine is different and Im going to share mine with you all. Its not always like this but these are my favourite things to do on SC days. It may give you some ideas for your own self care days or maybe you already do some of the things I enjoy.

Make a hot drink
My go to hot drink is a coffee with soya milk. But to spice it up a little bit and make it feel like more of a treat I use a milk frother, like this one for £5*, to make the coffee foamy and then I sprinkle on some cinnamon. Its not as good as a Starbucks coffee but its yummy and you dont have to leave the house or spend any money.

Read a book
Im currently reading Nine Perfect Strangers* by the author of Big Little Lies- Liane Moriarty. Its a great summer read about nine strangers who all visit a rural health retreat for various reasons. The book starts by following ex best selling romance novelist Francis Welty who is on a quest to get over heartbreak and her now failing career.

Put your phone on airplane mode
This is such a key in my self care routines. I always put my phone on airplane mode at night time and doing so when you are taking care of yourself is crucial. Just think how often your phone 'dings' from group chats, a facebook tag or when someone shares a meme with you. When you turn airplane mode on you wont be tempted to stop reading, cooking or whatever you do to relax.

Do your full skincare routine
I dont think theres anything nicer than spending half an hour really taking your time to do your full skincare routine. I start off with cleansing my face, then exfoliating and then doing a face mask before moisturising my face and entire body (if I can be bothered). Recently, my skin on my body has been really sensitive so Ive switched from using fragranced lotions to using coconut oil and my skin feels so much softer and hydrated and the jar I use costs less than £2 from Aldi.

Listen to a podcast
Right now I am loving the Deliciously Ella podcast. My favourite episode is the one with Livia Firth on sustainable fashion. Its so interesting and I have learnt so much about the cruel world of fashion and its made me a more conscious shopper. Ella also has other podcasts on mental and physical health.

Wear comfy clothes
Whenever I am at home I always wear comfy loungewear or pj's. Theres nothing nicer than wearing soft and comfy clothing at home. I mean who wants to be chilling in front of the telly wearing skinny jeans?! ASOS have some lovely loungewear sets and a great range of pyjama sets from brands like Calvin Klein, New Look and Pretty Little Thing.

Diffuse essential oils
I love essential oils and I always have some diffusing in my bedroom. My favourite combo at the moment is lavender and peppermint oil. Its refreshing and lavender is one of my favourite scents.

What do you do to unwind and take care of yourself?

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