The Best Solution For Dry, Damaged Hair

My hair has been on one hell of a journey over the last 10 years. Its been bleached, chopped and fried to death with hot tools. Im finally at a place where my hair is the healthiest its been in over a decade and its thick, soft and shiny all thanks to Olaplex No.3.

What is Olaplex No 3?

Olaplex No 3 is a hair treatment designed to physically repair and rebuild the hair shaft and even Kim Kardashian uses to stop her hair from getting damaged when she goes blonde. It doesn't mask the damage like most hair treatments. The main ingredient is bis-aminopropyl diglycol dimaleate (I dont know what that is either) that strengthens and repairs dry, broken and damaged hair from heat, colour and styling damage. It can be used as a 10 minute treatment before washing or as an overnight deep treatment. 

How often to use it

Like I just said, its recommend you use it once a week but now that my hair is pretty healthy I only use it maybe once a month. If you have really damaged and dry hair I do think its a good idea to do it once a week and leave it on for as long as you can before you wash it out. Sometimes I leave it on over night when I feel like my hair needs a bit of a pick me up and then shower in the morning and wash it out. 

How to use it

Step 1. Dampen you hair and brush through it with a wide tooth comb to get rid of any tangles.

Step 2. Apply a good amount to the palm of your hand and run it through the entire length of you hair but pay attention to the ends. 

Step 3. Make sure your entire head of hair is completely saturated and I then like to clip my hair up and put on a shower cap to really keep the heat in and to avoid mess.

Step 4. Shampoo and condition hair as normal.

Where to buy Olaplex No 3

You can buy it online from Space NK, Amazon and Beauty Bay (which is way overpriced there btw at £32 a bottle) but I buy it from Cult Beauty because its only £24 a bottle. All bottles are 100ml but for some reason the price fluctuates quite a bit between each website. 

Honestly, Olaplex is the best thing Ive tried for my hair. Ive gone through 5 bottles and my hair is so much healthier and shinier and I still get it coloured a few times a year. And best of all, it doesnt weigh down fine hair!

I cant recommend this product enough and if its good enough for KKW then its good enough for us! 

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