Summer Hair Makeover | Before & After

My hair the day I had it coloured.

I had enough of my darker blonde balayage and decided it was time to lighten things up for summer. I naturally have dark blonde hair and I honestly dont like it. I find that it washes me out, its so boring and light blonde hair just makes me look a lot brighter and healthier.

My hair inspo
I showed my amazing hairdressers these 3 photos I found on good old Pinterest of a light blonde balayage. I wanted to go similar to those photos but while keeping some of my darker colour inbetween so its not quite like the photos I showed and because I skipped the toner at the hairdressers and instead Im using a purple shampoo and toner at home to get more of that ashy blonde colour. I love balayage because you dont have to worry about touching up your roots every few weeks. Its wayyyy more practical than highlights or a block colour and its cheaper down the line.

My before photos 
In this photo you can tell just how brassy and dark my hair had gotten. It does look slightly lighter than it was because I took a photo out in the sunshine but you can see how dark my roots were. My ends needed a good trim and a deep condition because of how dry they were.

(This photo was taken outside just before I went to the hairdressers)

My haircut
Right now Im trying to grow my hair out of a long bob. I want it to be about 2-3 inches longer so I've just been getting my hair cut blunt with no layers until it gets to the length I want it to be then I'll add some layers to it. I do get the front pieces of my hair layered to add some depth to my hair and to frame my face.

Blonde haircare products
Im going to do an entire blog post on all of my favourite haircare products for blonde hair soon because I have a lot. Its no secret how much I love Olaplex. Ive been using the Olaplex No 3 for years now which is a deep treatment and I recently bought the new Olaplex No 6 leave in conditioner which is a life saver. I use it every time I wash my hair and it just gives that extra barrier to protect your hair and add back some moisture to your locks. You just use a blob of product in damp hair and then style your hair as usual. As for a purple shampoo, I have the Affinage Mode Cool Blonde shampoo, conditioner and toner set that I bought maybe 2 years ago from my salon and it does the job. Its the best purple shampoo Ive tried and I just use it every few weeks to stop my hair from going brassy.

Im so happy I have finally gone back to blonde. Now my mission is to keep my hair healthy, grow it out and maintain the blonde.

Would you like to see a post all about my haircare favourites for blonde hair?

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