Five New Favourites

Im back with another favourites post. I only have a few new favourites because I dont buy half as much beauty products as I used to. Im trying to be more of a conscious consumer and Im trying to save some money so unfortunately I havent been trying out as many products as before.

I have 5 new holy grail products that have completely changed up my beauty routine. I cant remember the last time I was this excited about a bunch of different products and I cant wait to share them with you.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Mini Dipbrow Gel | £9
ABH has the best brow products out there in my opinion. Ive tried so many other brands' brow products and they never quite match up with ABH. Before I tried this product I was using the Glossier Boy Brow in Blonde on my brows everyday and its a great product but it doesnt hold your brows in place like I'd like it to. The Dipbrow Gel, however, holds your brows in place all day! Because Ive had my brows microbladed I dont need to fill them in on a daily basis so I prefer to use a tinted brow gel. This product is great because it gives you that tint of colour, adds texture, is waterproof and sets your brows. I bought the mini just to try it out before committing to a big tube but I will definitely be buying the full size once I run out.

The Body Shop Tea Tree Overnight Face Mask | £12
I swear as soon as I posted my last skincare blog post I started breaking out. This has probably been the worst breakout of my life! My skin was covered in spots and every morning I would wake up with at least 3 new whiteheads. It was really upsetting and it definitely knocked my confidence. I decided to change up my skincare routine all together and I ordered most of the Tea Tree skincare line with The Body Shop. This overnight mask is a gel consistency and you just apply a thin layer all over your face before you go to bed and it will work while you sleep to fade and prevent breakouts. I love this product so much and I cant get enough of it. When I use it I never wake up with a new spot and it calms down the ones I already have.

The Body Shop Tea Tree Anti-Bemish Serum | £13
This serum is a daily solution you can use day and night after cleansing and before you moisturise. It helps to clear up your skin, mattifies, tones skin, combats spots and its 100% vegan! Its a lightweight watery formula that absorbs quickly into your skin. Its another step to your skincare routine that takes about 10 seconds but makes such a massive difference to your skin. Im trying to get my sister to use it because shes never used a serum before and she has spot prone skin like me.

Friction Free Shaving Razor (value pack) | £15 
I have been wanting to try out a more eco friendly shaving product or alternative for a while. Ive tried so many different hair removal methods over the years but I always come back to shaving because a) its pain free, and b) its convenient. I came across this brand on Instagram and I wanted to try it out straight away. So, heres a little bit about the brand. Its a award winning, cruelty-free and vegan luxury shaving subscription company for women but I didnt buy it on subscription (I didnt want to commit to paying every month), instead I bought the value pack from Boots. Boots has recently started to stock this company and as soon as I saw it online I bought it. The value pack comes with a rose gold razor handle, shower holder, blade cover and a set of four 6 blade cartridges. Yes, you heard that right. A womens 6 blade razor! It even had a special built in bikini blade. What makes this brand amazing is its a metal razor that will last you a lifetime so goodbye plastic razors, its designed for sensitive skin so say goodbye to razor burn and once you're done with the blades you can send them back to them to be recycled. Its overall a great company and the razor itself is amazing. Ive never had such a close shave before and my legs are left silky smooth.

Olaplex No 6 Bond Smoother | £24
I LOVE Olaplex. Ive been using it for around 2 years now and its completely transformed my hair. I have been using No 3 and I did a post all about it a few months ago. You can click here to read it. Olaplex recently came out with No 6 which is a leave in styling crème that hydrates, protects and smooths hair. Ive only used it 4 times and I already love it to bits. I just apply a small amount to the palm of my hands and run it through damp hair then style as normal. I can definitely feel a difference in my hair when I use it. Its much smoother and softer and has much less frizz. I know £24 is quite a lot of money for a hair product but its so good and worth every single penny. I bought mine from Cult Beauty but you can buy it online on other websites and from the Olaplex website.

What are some of your new favourite products? Have you tried any of my favourites before?

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