Mini Ikea Haul

I love a good trip to Ikea. I went into the shop last week for a walk around and lunch to only buy a new mirror and shelves for my bathroom. *Spoiler Alert* I bought much more than than that.
Mirror - £25
I've been hunting everywhere for an affordable mirror with a plain white frame for months now. Ikea is the only place I've found that sell plain framed mirrors under £100. The one I chose is the white 'Nissedal' in the size 40x150cm. This mirror comes in white, black and white stained oak effect and it comes in a bigger size too. I would've preferred to buy the bigger one but I don't have enough space in my room and I don't want it to look cluttered. Please excuse the awful photo. It's surprisingly hard to take a good photo of a mirror.

Indoor plant - £3.75
I can't go to Ikea without buying a plant. The plant I went for is called a 'Clusia'. I've never heard of it before or even seen it before but it's a really pretty indoor plant that requires little sunlight so that's perfect for me and it was only £3.75. Hopefully, I won't kill this plant because I really love it.

Pink plant pot - £4
For the plant I picked up I went for a blush pink pot that goes with the theme of my bedroom. This pot was only £4 and it has some horizontal striped detail so it's not just a plain pot. I have this plant and the plant pot on one of my bedside tables and it gives a really pretty pop of colour against my plain white bedroom walls. Plants can add so much energy and colour to a room and can completely transform any space.

Scented candles - £1.75 each
Ikea has some of the nicest smelling candles I've ever bought! Every time I go there I always stock up on some of their candles. They are only £1.75 each and they stay smelling delicious hours after you've burnt one. I bought the vanilla one, raspberry and peach and orange-scented ones. I prefer these candles to some Yankee Candle ones because the scents are just out of this world!

What's your favourite thing you've bought from Ikea?

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