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Last week I finished a 21 day meditation challenge. I journalled my experience and I thought it would be good to share.

I've been meditating on and off for a few years now. I was really into it and consistent back in 2017 but then I fell out of the habit and only meditated when I felt like it.

I have the app Calm and I do pay for the subscription because my anxiety had gotten so bad last month that I decided to just buy it. Meditation is such a great tool and it's helped with my mental health in the past.

So, I started the 21 days of calm meditation challenge as soon as I got the subscription and entered it with an open mind. Always remember there is no right or wrong way to meditate.

I jotted down my thoughts and feelings throughout the 3 weeks. I hope you find this insightful.

Day 1
Like with any challenge day one can be difficult. I couldn't wait for the practice to be over after the first 5 minutes and my mind kept drifting and suddenly I was thinking about my dogs and what I was having for breakfast the next morning. After the practice ended I felt really good and light and I was glad I completed it.

Day 7
By day 7 I was starting to look forward to my practice and my patience was growing. Of course my mind was still drifting slightly but that's completely normal and it will lessen over time and practice.

Day 13
This days session was 18 minutes but it only felt like 8. I really enjoyed the meditation and how I feel afterwards. I was having more awareness towards my body and I was able to keep my focus on the practice.

Day 14
I gave up with this practice after a few minutes because my M.E was bad this day and I just couldn't focus and I just needed to sleep. I was just sitting there completely ignoring the practice and it was just best to skip that day.

Day 18
My mind kept drifting but at this point I was much better at shifting my attention back to the present moment and back to my body.

Day 21
I was so proud of myself for sticking to this challenge for the entire 21 days (minus the one day I skipped because I was ill). The last practice I enjoyed the most. I think it was because I knew I was about to complete the challenge and I was just happy. I now find it really enjoyable to meditate and I feel so good afterwards.

Overall thoughts
I loved this 21 day challenge. You definitely don't need this app to do a challenge like this but it did help. I will probably end up doing this challenge again in a few months to refresh my mind and body. I'm not much better at meditating and it's something I try to include in my day to day life even if it's just by sitting still for 5 minutes focusing on my breathing.

I highly recommend meditation especially if you are anxious like me or live a busy and stressful lifestyle. You will be amazed how meditating makes you feel physically and mentally.

Is meditation something you've ever tried or something you would like to start?

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